Before jumping into the IBPS RRB syllabus, let us first understand what this exam is. The IBPS RRB is a national-level exam that is held every year, for the posts of RRB assistant and the RRB Officer for region-wise rural banks that are located throughout the country. A detailed advertisement for the available positions is posted every year. The minimum qualifications and eligibility are easily available online.

What is the Exam Pattern?

The exams are meant to test in-depth knowledge of the subjects and get a fair grasp of the candidate’s aptitude. Like most banking exams, the IBPS RRB 2022 will also be conducted in two parts. The Prelims- consisting of a test of Numerical Ability and Reasoning; and the Mains- with the additional baggage of General Awareness, English/Hindi Language, and Computer Knowledge. The question is, how do you prepare for it?

Here are a few tips for you to prepare for this exam:

  • Pick the right language- It is quite fortunate that the IBPS RRB exam offers two languages to choose from. Based on which language you’re most comfortable with. It is suggested that you use this opportunity to attempt the exam to maximize marks.
  • Plan your study- Before diving headfirst into the preparation for this exam, sit and analyze the syllabus thoroughly. Mark out the sections that you are good at and highlight the ones that need the most work. Now divide your daily study time to include both, based on how much time each requires. 
  • Read- General awareness only comes from regular consumption of the news. If you’re someone who doesn’t make it a habit of reading newspapers or watching the news on TV, don’t worry. You can start now. There are a hundred different ways to increase your general awareness. You could pick up some of the latest GK books or find helpful resources through BYJU’s Exam Prep. Just reading about world affairs on a daily basis though, should be more than sufficient to get you up-to-date. 
  • Practice consistently- For the numerical ability and reasoning sections, it is vital that you practice consistently. The more you practice, the quicker you will be able to solve these sections. Additionally, you may find it extremely useful to attempt mock tests regularly. By solving the tests based on the allotted time, you will gain confidence in your ability to score well, with limited time.
  • Schedule breaks- It can become quite frustrating to go through such a vast syllabus for the IBPS RRB exam. Be sure that the schedule regular breaks so that your mind is sharp and refreshed, each time that you sit down to study. Try to include the outdoors in your breaks, spending time in nature is a known remedy for mental exhaustion. Meditation is also a great way to clear your mind and focus better on your studies. 
  • Make lists- Making lists of the topics that you need to cover is also recommended. This may help you in two ways:
  • It may help you feel more organized regarding the syllabus to be covered. 
  • Crossing off the topics that you have completed can give you a sense of achievement and build your confidence for the exam ahead. 

7. Previous year’s papers- Since these exams are held annually, it is safe to assume that you may find repetitive patterns in the previous year’s question papers. Solving through these is a smart way to prepare is by IBPS RRB syllabus. A lot of questions are usually repeated with slight twists and turns.

Some of these tips may prove beneficial in your pursuit of success during the banking exam journey. Use these insights to help you stay focussed and in good spirits. Success is not too far away.