When a ladder is no longer safe to climb, it used to be forgotten about and exposed to the elements. In recent years, savvy homeowners have been repurposing these unused wooden gems into some fun home decor projects. In the same vein as the towel or blanket hanger, a ladder can easily be turned into a shelving unit.

If you make your own from an existing ladder, first do a weight test to make sure your new table won’t topple when you set your bedside book on it. You can never have too many plants to liven up a room, especially when they’re nicely displayed on a ladder in a natural wood finish. Make sure to choose plants that won’t grow taller than the space between the ladder’s rungs. One of the best ideas for old ladders is tranforming it into something completely unexpected.

Put the ladder in the corner of a front porch and add seasonal potted plants to brighten your porch and welcome your guests. If you want it to match your home décor or a specific room, you can repurpose the ladder by painting or staining it. Doing so will give it a clean and fresh look, so it blends easily with the rest of your space. A blanket ladder is also a great way to add additional color to your room. Hang one or two or even layer a few blankets to create a cool eclectic look.

I’m sharing 10 decorative ladder ideas to inspire the creative use of ladders in your home. This little step ladder side table is gorgeous and it doesn’t require a lot of work. If you don’t want to do anything but clean it up, that’s fine. It looks much more rustic if you don’t living rooms with light wood floors paint or stain it and if it has a few paint splatters, that’s even better. Just wipe it down and sit it right there beside the sofa for a great farmhouse side table that even has storage on the steps. I love the simplicity of using an old step ladder as a bedside table.

Tucked up high, this ladder is right where it’s needed. Against the bland white wall, it adds a little character. It’s also an inventive place for keeping an item that might not be needed every day – pretty meets practical. This ladder turned rack does more than keep winter blankets at the ready. In a setting with low ceilings, a ladder becomes a striking accent piece that gives the illusion of a taller—and more spacious—room. Who doesn’t need more storage in the kitchen, especially if it makes cooking and everything else easier?