This reassurance gets through to Luz, who reveals everything that happened with her mom. It’s especially impressive given how much of an Insecure Love Interest Amity has been shown to be. She truly loves Luz and wants to do right by her, no matter how complex that can wind up being. Amity and Luz get a fight scene together against Kiki and her dragon, and it’s quite impressive how effectively they work together. They even manage to combine their abilities like they did back at Grom by putting an ice glyph on an Abomination gauntlet, which Amity then fires, effective creating a missile that freezes what it hits. In return Kikimora’s dragon is shown to be completely relentless, trying to punch them with its fist-like wings, shrugging off being hit by their attacks and is only stopped when Terra restrains it with her vines.

For bonus Irony, Hunter, who also possesses a sigil, is shown to be much less negatively affected by the draining than Belos, experiencing only minor discomfort rather than crippling pain and weakness like everybody else, due to his lack of natural magic. Philip not only had his own tactics turned against him, he was being killed by his own plan and negatively affected by his decision to resort to absorbing Palimsan magic to extend his lifespan in the first place, which ran counter to his own anti-magic views. If the Collector hadn’t stepped in to finish him off, it’s harder to think of a more fitting fate for Belos. In other words, just like in their first fight despite being completely and totally outmatched, Luz still managed to defeat Belos simply by outthinking him, all she needed to do at that point was survive long enough for Belos to meet his maker…

Belos doesn’t answer, only growls in grimace and instead of attacking the Hexsquad, he immediately turns and activates the portal to head for the Demon Realm, swearing in denial that he’s still their savior and they’ll be thanking him later. Considering that Belos could have easily crushed the Hexsquad (especially with Hunter at death’s door), Luz manages to save her friends from Belos by attacking his insecure need for vindication. Vee using her Magic Eater powers to try and drain Belos, which causes him perhaps the most trouble of the fight and makes him immediately target her, though luckily Amity intervenes. Keep in mind, Vee was scared of Belos and feared what would happen if he found her, and now here she is taking on the man who abused her and her species for years.

This is a major breakthrough with the gylphs and may enable the sisters and Luz to craft far more complex spells with them. One suddenly has to wonder if Lilith got lucky Amity was out of commission for the Season One Finale. She’s would’ve torn apart the upgraded Abomi-ton with ease as well if her mom didn’t agree to allow her and Luz to play dead to spare Luz.

Your details are highly secure and guarded by the company using encryption and other latest softwares and technologies. Said Palisman also reveals herself to be a snake-themed shapeshifter. As Willow continues to lose control of her powers, Hunter manages to tap into the magic that he absorbed from Flapjack, before using his Flash Step to free himself, Willow & Gus out of the vines and out of the pit to safety. It’s so fast & sudden that even Hunter is confused at what he just pulled off. Though the kids’ attempt at making a portal ends with it going up in flames, a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows they were at least able to breach the In Between Realm. Speaking of the two of them; according to Ed, Amity was grounded for defying their mother while the twins are grounded for trying to burn down the factory to prevent the Emperor’s Coven from getting more abomatons.

Luz appears just in time to use her plant glyph to stop the petrification spell and even threatens Kikimora with incineration unless she frees Eda, Lilith and King. During her fight, we see Luz actually mix her glyph magic with the magic of Eda’s staff, showing that even without the glyphs, she knows how to manipulate the elements she’s familiar with through magic from an external source. Luz learns fire magic by seeing a glyph Boscha unknowingly burned into the grudgby ball. Luz then uses it to literally throw Boscha’s spell right back in her face, without the new fire singeing her. It’s definitely up there with the spectacular fight scene in the episode “Covention”.

Second, considering the world has often pressured her to make Luz normal, this isn’t nothing. Instead of buckling under the pressure like she did in episode 1, the act of rescinding Luz’s promise to stay in the human realm and reinforcing her daughter’s identity as a witch shows her old, supportive octagon soap ingredients self has resurfaced. In an attempt to force Belos to stop the Draining Spell, Luz gets the brilliant idea to brand him with a Coven sigil using a glove he had lying around, tricking him into thinking that she was making a deal with him to help Philip catch up on how things have changed on Earth.