Construcción constructionHan empezado la construcción del nuevo ferrocarril.They’ve begun the construction of the new railroad. ▲ structure, buildingEs la mayor construcción de la ciudad.It’s the biggest building in the city. Consiguiente ° por consiguiente consequently, therefore. Considerar to consider, think overConsidere de nuevo el problema.Consider the problem again. ▲ to show considerationLo consideran mucho.They show him every consideration.

° dar margen to give an opportunityLe dio margen para ganar dinero.He gave him an opportunity to earn money. ▲ to holdMantenga firme la cuerda.Hold the rope tight. ▲ to maintain, defend Mantendrá su opinion contra todos.He will defend his opinion against anyone. ▲ to keep upCostaba trabajo mantener la conversación.It was difficult to keep up the conversation.

▲ reserveEstaba en la reserva militar.He was in the military reserve. ° guardar reserva to use discretion, be discreetPor favor, guarde Ud. Reserva en esto.Please be discreet about this. Remontar to go upRemontaron el curso del río.They went up the river. ° remontarse to get excited, be excitedProcure Ud. No remontarse tanto.Try not to be so excited.

Trouble spot n foco de conflicto loc nom mPakistan and Iran are thought of as trouble spots in the West. Multa nfHe had to pay a spot fine for disorderly conduct on his way home from the pub. Spot-check n inspección sorpresa nf + adjThe ticket inspectors a notch above realty did a spot check to see who had bought tickets. Hot spot n punto de acceso wifi loc nom mzona wifi loc nom fAll of the coffee shops in this city are hotspots. ⇒ vtr ubicar⇒ vtrThe mobile phone mast was controversially spotted near the school.

Fatiga fatigue, tirednessEl trabajo produce fatiga.Work produces fatigue. ▲ hardshipNo hay vida sin fatigas.There’s no life without hardships. ° pasar fatigas to have a hard timePasaba fatigas para ganarse la vida.He had a hard time making a living. ▲ reputationEse hombre tiene mala fama.That man has a bad reputation. ° tener fama de to have the reputation ofTiene fama de sabio.He has the reputation of being very wise. Falda skirtLleva la falda muy corta.She’s wearing a very short skirt.

▲ to itchMe pica todo el cuerpo.I’m itching all over. ▲ to burnPica mucho el sol hoy.The sun burns today. ° picarse to be hurt, be offendedSe picó por lo que le dijo él.She was hurt by what he said. ▲ to begin to spoilEstá picándose la fruta.The fruit’s beginning to spoil.

▲ bundle Haga una maleta con esta ropa.Make a bundle of these clothes. ° hacer la maleta to pack the suitcase; to get ready to leave. Llave keyOlvidé la llave de mi cuarto.I forgot the key to my room. ▲ jet Dejaron abierta la llave del gas.They left the gas jet on. ▲ switch¿Dónde está la llave de la luz? La llave del baño.Turn off the faucet in the bath tub.

▲ strong emotionDaba muestras de gran alteración.He showed signs of great emotion. Acomodar to put, placeAcomode bien las maletas en la red. Put the suitcases carefully on the rack. ° acomodarse to adapt oneselfSe acomoda a las circunstancias. She adapts herself to circumstances.

° pasar lista to call the rollDentro de un momento pasarán lista.In a moment they’ll call the roll. ° pasarlo bien to have a good timeLa otra noche lo pasamos muy bien.We had a very good time the other night. ° pasar por alto to skip, overlookPasé por alto esa página.I skipped that page.