This allows for maximum earnings, as kegs, when they’re done fermenting, will produce wines and juices, making far more money than the original crops. The pattern of the tree types makes the farm look pleasant to the eye as well, keeping extras like furnaces and bait bins out of the way at the very edge of the map. The Redditor who created this farm says that, when calculated based on how much they make when they sell everything at various times, it produces 550,000 gold daily.

That’s not all, as this layout also has space for crops areas, multiple sheds, barns and coops, and even some Obelisks on the right side of the map. There are plenty of Stardew Valley farm layouts to give players lots of fun choices when building their perfect homestead. Stardew Valley offers seven farm layouts for players to choose from, and each has pros and cons that range in difficulty for raising crops. All that said, the forest farm is not the objective “best” because there is no true best Stardew Valley map. Players may want to focus on a particular skill or achievement in a given playthrough, and that can easily lead them to choose a different farm map.

It features two areas with large stumps, which can be cut down for renewable hardwood and much more. Leyla Resuli is a Creative Writing graduate living in Greater London. Her heart belongs to writing, but since she can’t refuse her love of video games, she fuses the two together and writes for TheGamer.

You can set it to “everyone”, “host only” meaning the owner of the farm, or “building owner only” meaning your friends can’t move one another’s cabins and other buildings around. The quickest and easiest way to start a multiplayer farm is from scratch. In the “co-op” section of the main menu you can either join a friend’s farm or choose to begin your furniture style names own. There’s quite a lot going on in this layout, but all of it points in the right direction – a good, well-made farm which is functional and looks absolutely stunning. The centerpiece is the Gold Clock together with 6 chests filled with items (colour-coded, like we suggested in the intro) and each area is dedicated to some particular art or craft.

Any lazy farmer who doesn’t want to disturb nature will also be happy to know that you can find plenty of forage items on this map. This includes berry bushes that can be harvested in spring and autumn, map-exclusive weeds that drop mixed seeds, and any juicy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Putting barns and coops at the top of the map allows you to house livestock while keeping the focus on the crops.

You have a high chance to catch fish from Pelican Town, and a lower chance to catch fish from the Cindersap Forest. This means you have a big selection of fish to nab, and they’re all right outside your door. With loads of islands to walk to, you can keep your fishing fresh. The farm has very small bodies of water, and is ultimately poor for fishing.

The stone floor covering the area with crystal floor being used as a path adds a real mythical atmosphere. This variation of the Forest Farm is very aesthetically pleasing, but still efficient with the rectangular plots for crops, complete with iridium sprinklers. The little flower patch at the bottom is also complemented by the bee houses, allowing you to make flavored honey throughout the year .

The map is a good pick for first-time players, as it has little to distract from learning the mechanics of the game. However, it can be a bit tedious for those who have played through several save files already. It has a basic layout that’s spacious, offering plenty of room to grow crops, care for animals and build and decorate as you please. It has the most useable space of all the farms but none of the extras the others have. It also doesn’t have any unique traits aesthetically and the house is standard, although there is plenty of room to add your own outdoor décor.

Also, you can use this layout and customize it according to your preferences by adding new buildings and resources instead of having only the ponds for fishing. Is the fish farm layout, which is better for players obsessed with fishing. Yes, this is based on fishery, and the map used to build this layout is the standard map. The map used to build this stylish layout is the Ginger Island Farm, and the theme used to build this layout is varieties of crops.