This gray definitely has warm tones to it – making it feel like a very very dark brown-gray. Gray Stone is more of what I expected from a slate color – a near black charcoal gray. So, while the color does have a gray hue to it, it is almost more white than gray. However, I found that this color was actually pretty light and didn’t take well. It took best on the plywood, but otherwise was fairly faint. First, make sure that you have sanded the object where you want to apply stain.

Read to understand how to prepare your particular wood to get the result you want. This is the first coat of stain we used when refinishing our kitchen cabinets. I found that it looked darker when we used it on doors, but the cabinet frames looked much lighter. You can’t see it in photos, but it did have a little blue tint to it which is why we ultimately added a second stain color on top. The great part of gray stain for wood is the ability to customize the stain to suit your specific need.

Other dark wood stains, like Coffee, Jacobean, or Ebony, would also work well. I sampled 10 or more stain colors, even custom mixing my own, and could not find the right stain color I envisioned for our kitchen cabinets during our kitchen remodel. I spent countless hours researching the best stains, staining tips, and any advice I could find to help.

It’s a nice true-gray – meaning it’s not white, charcoal, or brown. Here are some resources to help you understand where you can purchase gray wood stains and aveda tuition other alternatives for all your DIY projects. It’s important to be aware of the different types of wood stains before you even apply your first coat of stain.

Now that you have hopefully selected your color it’s time to decide what type of stain is right for your project. Both of these brands have a Weathered Gray, and both of them are light grays with cool undertones. It can look like natural wood but a bit aged or weathered. If the designer had not used weathered siding, the warm tones of the wood would not balance the other vibrant colors. Sunbleached from Varathane, is a good choice for this look. Choose a medium-toned gray stain like Stone Gray from Varathane if you like this look.

Pine wood still looks pretty splotchy, and oak has a zebra-like effect. Earlier this year, I refinished my dining table with my favorite grey wood stain, General Finishes Gray Gel stain. It looks amazing on maple wood, and really pops against the bright white of the table base.