FBref is the most complete sources for women’s football data on the internet. This includes the entire history of the FIFA Women’s World Cup as well as recent domestic league seasons from nine countries, including advanced stats like xG for most of those nine. The Muzaka were an Albanian noble family that ruled over the region of Myzeqe in the Late Middle Ages. The Muzaka are also referred to by some authors as a tribe or a clan. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Muzaka ancestors lived in harsh conditions.

Muzaka is the former Lord of the Werewolves and at one time, the only equal friend of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. According to Frankenstein’s theory, he is the one responsible for Rai’s 820-year long hibernation. The Muzaka were one of the most important families of Albanian origin. In the area of the village of Lavdar and nearby hamlets are many of the ancestral burial grounds of the family. Gjon Muzaka claimed that the family received its name from the Muzeqë region, named after its population, the Molossians, through the corruption of the name Molossi . Like all werewolves, Muzaka can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form.

While fleeing from the Noblesse, Ignes Kravei decides to awaken Muzaka, in order to avenge her father’s death by pressing a button on some sort of remote control. The tube which contained him instantly breaks apart and Muzaka is awakened. He then experiences a severe headache which causes him to emit a powerful scream, causing the lab to explode. Raizel immediately recognises Muzaka’s aura.Muzaka then continuously mutters Raizel’s name, transforms and proceeds to confront Raizel. Raizel orders Frankenstein to evacuate immediately with the children while Kentas and the 5th Elder decide to flee and report his existence to the 2nd Elder. A battle between Raizel and Muzaka begins.During the battle, many things are revealed about him.

Muzaka (Kor. 무자카) is the former Lord of the werewolves and the only equal friend of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. It is revealed that he is the one responsible for Raizel’s 820-year long hibernation. As of the end of the series, he has been reinstated as lord. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data.

In this form; his claws elongate and become more blade-like, his entire body and eyes radiate a silvery glow, and his eyebrows turn extra-long with a horn-like curve. When transformed, his physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced. In the past, he seemed quite lively and approachable, but slightly arrogant; much like The Previous Lord of the Nobles. He is also seen to be rather caring as he says that he is glad to see someone taking care of his friend, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

good names for a dance team has a tall, muscular, fair-skinned body that is covered with large battle scars. Under the effects of the Union’s control, his eyes appeared to be completely white, showing no irises or pupils. During the time he was sleeping and after his awakening, his attire consists of only black briefs. However, in the past, he wore light brown pants and a red blazer with white fur lining.

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However, Muzaka’s attention is instantly arrested when Crombel mentions his reason of fury; his daughter. At this, Muzaka is visited by blurry visions of his daughter, Ashleen. He cries out her name with tears gushing out through his eyes and goes into another fit recalling his past. This time, Crombel offers to help Muzaka achieve revenge if he agrees to go with him. Muzaka is the former Lord of the Werewolves before he was said to have betrayed them.

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