She’ll walk you through exercises in drawing blind and drawing with your non-dominant hand, as well as other ways to improve your crayon drawing skills. Browse 22,867 professional abstract crayon stock photos, images & pictures available royalty-free. Sun, watercolor and crayon drawing, set of four different variations. If you’ve never heard of reverse coloring, it’s essentially the practice of putting the color on your drawing page before the line work.

Like Skillshare instructor Ria Sharon, you can make your own coloring page to use with your crayons. This puppy drawing is a great option if you’re coloring with your kids. Art teacher Miss Sara walks you through each step of drawing your puppy and coloring it in according to your preferences. Caricature artist Baylee Maroney will walk you through the steps of creating celebrity caricatures—from Morgan Freeman to Jennifer Aniston—using crayons and markers. You could easily adapt this to an all-crayon project, as well. Crayons work best on paper surfaces.

Skillshare instructor Abhiraami Thangavel will teach you how to draw and color your own mandalas using simple shapes. Crayons will work wonderfully for coloring your mandalas, but they can also be used to draw the shapes. Using the cheese grater, shave the crayons and spread them out on the canvas to your liking. Start your fine art collection today in a fun way.

Though you can splurge on sketch or artist paper tablets, basic printer or notebook paper is a great place to start. First, place parchment paper on top o the canvas, to protect the iron. Second, iron the crayon shavings onto the canvas. At first, iron slowly, and then, if you think some areas need more ironing, just iron a bit more above that area. It is thoroughly ironed when it looks like some of the crayons are sticking to the canvas.

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