If you are in need of a slideshow maker that offers more variety than PowerPoint and Keynote, try using Youtube Intro Maker. With this tool, any video can be turned into a slideshow in minutes with music, YouTube videos and plenty of special effects to choose from. Usually with the click of a button or two you will have the perfect presentation for your next event or job interview.

The best part about Youtube Intro Maker is the price. There is no cost to use Youtube Intro Maker and there are no special programs or plug-ins to download. You can use the software for free right from YouTube. The program itself is easy to use and does not require any advanced video editing knowledge. With this tool you can add your own personal touch and make a professional looking slideshow in minutes.

 How do I use Youtube Intro Maker?

 It’s as simple as signing on to YouTube and clicking the “Use this tool” button below the video that you want to turn intro maker a slideshow. You then have a choice of over 50 different templates that you can choose from. You can also create your own slides or add your own images and text. 

Once you are happy with what you have created, just click the “Create Slideshow” button and Youtube will generate a new video with your custom slideshow. The new video is private until you share it on your account or upload it as an unlisted video on YouTube, but there is an option to make it public right away if that is what you need.

What are the different themes I can use?

 Youtube Intro Maker has a wide variety of different templates you can use such as the wedding template pictured below. The themes range from “Beauty” to “Sports.” There is something for everyone and anyone can easily create a slideshow with their favorite music and images.

Can I add my own music?

Yes, you can add your own music but you must do so through YouTube first by uploading it onto your account. After you have uploaded it, just click on the default music option when creating your slideshow. Youtube Intro Maker will automatically add that song to your playlist so you’ll be able to play it throughout your slideshow.

 I’m not very computer savvy; can I still use Youtube Intro Maker?

Absolutely! Youtube Intro Maker is as easy to use as creating a Word document. If you have ever used a basic version of Microsoft Word you can easily use this software. It is that simple. As long as you can choose options on a screen, you can quickly make intro video your own slideshow using YouTube Intro Maker.