Plus, once you’re done, you can read your tea leaves and find out what the future has in store for you (hopefully, a new tea leaf infuser!). A spork, a fork’s cooler older cousin, also makes a great alternative to a tea infuser. What’s better is that you can stop by most fast-food chains and pick one up if you don’t already have one in your junk drawer.

Just like thecoffee filtermethod, remove the paper once brewed and enjoy your cup of fresh tea. Cheese cloth is one of the most useful things you could have in your kitchen. Loosely place a small cloth on top of the empty mug and slowly pour the tea from the mug you used for brewing. To tea kettle whistle attachment get the most out of tea leaves, lightly wrap the tea leaves in the cheesecloth to make a small sachet and use it for one more infusion. Alternatively, use it to make your own tea bags with dry loose leaf tea. It’s a traditional Chinese brewing vessel, made up of a small bowl with a lid.

Weight out 2 to 3 grams of loose leaf tea for every 6 fl oz of water. Since tea leaves come in different shapes and sizes, it’s best to measure out your tea by weight (i.e. grams) rather than by volume. You can also make loose leaf tea in a French PressWho knew that a coffee-making device could double as aninfuser?

This method of how to make loose leaf tea without a strainer creates lots of room for the leaves to circulate, getting out all the goodness and flavor. This is one of the more interesting techniques, and it essentially involves making your own teabag out of tinfoil. The benefit of tinfoil over paper is that it won’t unfurl as it brewers, so it will be easier to keep the “teabag” closed and the leaves inside when you brew the tea.

This is a common technique even among collectors of specialized teaware when brewing teas that might contain fine leaf particles. For a more convenient, on-the-go coffee filter method, you can make a DIY tea bag. I would recommend against making tea bags from scrap fabric too , as not all fabrics are food-safe and you don’t know how the fabric will react to hot water. The world of tea becomes so much more vast once you begin to consider loose leaf tea options. Having a cup of loose leaf tea for the first time can transform the entire experience of drinking tea as the process alone allows one to destress and relax.

Tea balls also don’t give tea leaves room to expand as they steep, which makes for a weaker, less flavorful cup. Before you begin making a cup of tea, it’s a good idea to assemble everything you need. This includes the loose leaf tea you’d like to drink, your mug, cup, or pot, your infuser or filter, and your tea kettle. There are plenty of ways to make loose leaf tea just using items you probably already have in your kitchen. Then fold it in half again, so that you have a square. Open one corner of the square and put your loose leaf tea in it.

The filter will hold the leaves while you wait the required amount of time for it to fully brew. After brewing, you may discard the filter and enjoy the cup of tea. Want to discover the best loose leaf teas as rated by Sips by’s 700,000 tea-loving Members?