She asks around the city, only to find that many other nisse have been mysteriously expelled from their home. On the way to the Sparrow Scouts badge ceremony, she finally finds Tontu safe and sound, who decides to explore the Nowhere Space inside the scout hall. During the ceremony, the Black Hound comes out of Nowhere Space and Hilda and Tontu flee, ending up in Hilda’s home. Her house’s nisse appears to defend its territory, only to realize that the hound was actually its pet, Jellybean.

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He reveals to Hilda that years ago, he landed on a statue, and the people thought he was the messenger of their god. The harvest was bountiful that year and the people believed it was his doing, so they started the festival in his honor. He wanted to give the city hope, so he continues coming to the town every year. With everything settled and the parade started back up, Johanna takes Hilda to a special place so they can watch the parade together.

Johanna, Hilda, Twig, and Alfur head off to Trolberg and settle into their new home. Hilda – An adventurous 11-year-old Sparrow Scout who loves to explore the unknown lands with her pet deerfox Twig. Born in the woods, she soon moves to the city of Trolberg with great reluctance. However, Hilda is quick to adapt to her new home and environment, eventually becoming street smart, enrolling in school, learning to bike ride, and making friends. She later temporarily turns into a troll and learns what life is like in their nighttime world, all while trying to find a way home. Hilda is a tween girl who grew up with her mother Johanna in a small cabin on the edge of the woods near the walled-in city of Trolberg, between the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

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He was one of Hilda and Johanna’s neighbors before they moved to Trolberg. Hilda and the Hidden People, a novel based on the first two episodes of the series, was released on September 4, 2018. The book was authored by Stephen Davies and illustrated by Seaerra Miller. Two more books based on the first season were released, titled Hilda and the Great Parade and Hilda and the Nowhere Space. They were respectively released on January 22 and May 21, 2019. With help from head writer Stephanie Simpson, Luke and Silvergate created a pitch bible that would be used to pitch the show to various broadcasters.

Johanna insists they move to Trolberg, but Hilda is determined to fix things so they can stay. She learns that the invisible beings are elves, and she befriends one named Alfur, who arranges a meeting with the prime minister. Despite Hilda’s efforts, she learns that only the king can turn things around. Hilda feels dejected, but soon feels better when Alfur decides to take her to the king, even if it violates protocols. Johanna “Mum” – Hilda’s mother who works as a graphic designer as well as a general store employee. While tolerant of her daughter’s adventures, Johanna still frequently fears for Hilda’s safety, often becoming upset when Hilda lies about her whereabouts.

The first and third episode of season two premiered at the NYICFF on February 22, 2020. When it came to designing background characters for the show, Luke would usually create preliminary sketches for a character, and it would then be translated into a finished design wood truck topper by Mercury. Some characters were given dot eyes as to help make characters like David better blend in to the style of the show. At Trolberg’s ‘Winter Festival’, Hilda encounters a group of strange little men called ‘Yule Lads’ who are looking for naughty children.

At the 2021 Daytime Creative Emmy Awards, Hilda won for “Outstanding Children’s Series” and “Outstanding Editing for a Daytime Animated Program”. When Pearson and Silvergate started working together on a pitch, they wanted to build upon the original books while simultaneously keeping the general feel that the series had. Luke was specifically concerned in making sure the show didn’t feel “too TV and formulaic.” In 2014, Silvergate producer Kurt Mueller found Hildafolk, the first book in the Hilda series, at a US indie bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. Producers at Silvergate loved the book, and were interested in bringing it to television. Hilda and her friends manage to escape from the Black Hound, but Hilda is still worried about Tontu.

Hilda, her mother Johanna, and their deerfox Twig, have lived in the wilderness ever since Hilda was born. During one of her adventures, she encounters a troll and removes the bell she had tied onto its nose earlier. Later that day, their house is threatened by small, invisible creatures.