Julian, and some visitors, claim that the dolls are possessed by the spirits of girls who passed too soon, reporting that the dolls would move independently and even speak to passersby. The St. Augustine lighthouse—the first in Florida—earned a dark place in Civil War history when its light was removed to disrupt Union shipping. Visitors report encounters with the friendly spirit of Union artillery-officer-cum-lightkeeper William A. Harn. Nestled at the head of Edinburgh’s Old Town, this 12th-century fortress was, for many years, an active military base. If its stone walls could talk, they would tell grim tales, including that of a piper who entered the castle’s tunnels never to be seen—or heard from—again. To this day, visitors report music echoing through the fort’s empty chambers.

Close Fitted T-shirt Chest SizeInchesCentimeters S30″-32″76-81 M32″-34″81-86 L34″-36″86-91 XL36″-38″ XL39″-41″ Close Description The fitted t-shirt features 100% preshrunk 32-single, 4.3 oz. Due to print sizing, design funny journal covers image may appear smaller on larger garment sizes. Located in the gold mining town of Skagway, the Red Onion Saloon was originally a saloon on the ground floor and a brothel on the second level when it opened in 1898.

The orchestral ballad started as an acoustic melody composed by Lloyd Webber. During rehearsals in December 2018 at his London studio, he played Swift the melody on the piano, and Swift immediately started improvising lyrics. Tom Hooper, director of the film and a producer of the song, complimented the “extraordinary beauty” of Swift’s lyrics and praised Swift for her “profound understanding of what we’re trying to do with the movie.” Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Formerly the home of Marquis and Marchioness of Linares, this exquisite palace was built for Don José Murga and his wife, Raimunda Osorio. Hidden beneath its opulent exterior are trapped doors, disappearing staircases, and the ghost of Don José and Raimunda’s daughter.

Built from 27,000 perforated concrete blocks, Ennis House is the largest and last remaining of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “textile block” homes. Its idiosyncratic aesthetic has attracted filmmakers for decades, most notably inspiring environments in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and the 1959 film House on Haunted Hill. Though no actual hauntings have been reported, observers are quick to note how the home’s warm courtyards and airy hallways take on a silent, mausoleum-like quality after the sun sets. Following the death of her husband, rifle magnate William Wirt Winchester, Sarah Winchester commissioned a Victorian labyrinth designed to repel the vengeful spirits of the lives taken by her husband’s guns. Set on Savannah’s Columbia Square, the Queen Anne brick mansion was completed in May of 1892 for William and Anne Kehoe and their ten children, a few of which died in the house. The building was converted into a bed-and-breakfast in 1992 and guests have reported hearing the sounds of children playing.

Legend has it that Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII, was killed by her husband after he discovered her adulterous behavior. The Green Lady, named for the color of the dress in which she met her end, is said to haunt the castle’s tower.

A cute ghost shapes the letters “You Are Boo-tiful” in distressed text across this holiday tee. Beneath the red sandstone façade of this gorgeous medieval castle lies a gruesome history that, supposedly, still haunts the estate today. The Grey Lady is the most active ghost that haunts the premises.