She may have planned to go, but canceled those plans due to Voldemort’s return. After all, she hadn’t planned on staying the summer at Grimmauld Place, so whatever plans she had for the summer had to be changed on short notice. Getting the idea, the rest of the table placed their orders with their plates too.

On the final of the 424th Quidditch World Cup , Bulgaria suffered a crushing disappointment when outstanding Egyptian Seeker Rawya Zaghloul narrowly beat Krum to the Snitch, making them lose 450 to 300. During the 1996–1997 school year at Hogwarts, his card could be won by beating Roderick Seaton at a Gobstones challenge. Following the Tournament and the murder of Cedric Diggory, Viktor attended the Leaving Feast, which was also a memorial service for Cedric. Viktor left Hogwarts the next day, saying a private goodbye to Hermione, giving Ron his autograph, and expressing to Harry his regret over the death of Cedric.

He grabbed a jagged rock, then thumped Viktor on the shoulder and gave it to him. Taking the rock, Viktor cut through the ropes holding Hermione and headed for the surface. He arrived outside the time-limit in second place, but was awarded third after the judges took into account Harry’s determination to rescue all the hostages. Having worked out the clue from the golden egg, Viktor knew he had to breathe underwater for at least an hour during the Second Task. It is unknown if he worked the clue out on his own or if he had help from the Durmstrang headmaster.

This romantic pairing was a chance to teach young readers about the dangers of entering into romantic relationships with someone significantly older. Instead, this teaching moment was completely ignored, leaving a generation of kids believing that predatory relationships are normal. However, the problematic age gap of the relationship is never addressed. Instead, it is only used as a plot device to further Ron and Hermione’s relationship. I saw myself in the character of Hermione Granger as I got older. I was also an awkward know-it-all who was always first to raise my hand in class.

Viktor was certainly a willing partner, so Hermione seized the day. He was Hermione’s bird in the hand while Ron was still beating around the bush. It does mean Hermione likes Ron, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t also romantically interested in Viktor. Unlike Harry, who has a miserable time because he feels jealous of Cho and Cedric, and Ron, who has a miserable time ladies night theme names because he feels jealous of Hermione and Viktor, Hermione shows no signs of distress about not being with Ron. Despite the hidden nature of the relationship, I believe that Rowling has left sufficient clues to conclude that Hermione did have a romantic relationship with Viktor and struggled with an inner conflict between her feelings for Viktor and her feelings for Ron.

It seemed as though he viewed Harry as just another champion of the tournament. Viktor was part of the Durmstrang delegation that travelled with Igor Karkaroff to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to compete in the Triwizard Tournament on 30 October. His presence at the school caused a stir amongst the student body since he was famous, and he was constantly followed by groups of giggling girls. During the final match, Viktor fooled the Irish Seeker, Aidan Lynch, by performing a Wronski Feint that resulted in Lynch ploughing into the ground. Despite his skills, the Irish side were too good for the Bulgarians, and Viktor decided to end the match by catching the Golden Snitch. During his pursuit of the Snitch, he was hit in the face by a Bludger which broke his nose and gave him two black eyes.

Under Crouch Jnr’s control, he caught up with Cedric and performed the Cruciatus Curse on him. Cedric, against his better judgement, used his wand to shoot red sparks into the air, allowing him to be rescued from the maze. Prior to the Third Task, Viktor viewed the beginnings of the maze that they would have to navigate. On their way back to the castle, Viktor took Harry to one side to ask him about his relationship with Hermione. Following the Second Task, Rita Skeeter had written an article concerning Hermione toying with Harry and Viktor’s affections.