The open world third-person game allows players to participate in a range of activities such as crafting, weapon collection, and magic spell casting. After you defeat Blaidd at the end of his quest, aqua blue pool services a helmet called the Black Wolf Mask can be found on the wall behind Seluvis’ tower. To unlock the rest of Blaidd’s questline, players will first need to join the cause of Ranni the Witch in Liurnia.

From here, Blaidd will ask for your help in defeating a sworn enemy of his, the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, also known as the Forlorn Hound. Merchant Kale is the Santa Claus-looking nomadic merchant who sits by the Church of Elleh Site of Grace. After finding Blaidd in the ruins, you will get a new dialogue option with Merchant Kale. Blaidd is arguably one of the coolest NPCs in Elden Ring. He’s a badass, super tall wolf-man who also plays a huge part in Ranni The Witch’s personal questline.

It comes with a non-removable weapon skill, Wolf’s Assault, which infuses the sword with frost damage and allows you to lunge at enemies and cause a minor frost explosion. Once everything is well and done, Blaidd’s last appearance is held in front of Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of The Lakes. When you travel here and exit the tower, Blaidd will immediately become hostile towards you, just outside the entrance. After progressing in her quest, you’ll be asked to accompany Blaidd in finding the hidden city Nokron. Check out the trailer for Renfield, the upcoming vampire movie starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage.

He will reward you with a Somber Smithing Stone for your troubles. Additionally, he will clue you in to talking to a large smith when you go to Liurnia of the Lakes. Merchant Kale will give you the Finger Snap gesture if you return to the Church of Elleh after your first visit to the Mistwood Ruins and hear Blaidd howling. Choose the option About the howling in Mistwood to get him to give you the required gesture. Unfortunately there’s no possible happy ending for Blaidd, at least if you’re set on completing Ranni’s quest. He either spends eternity insane in the Evergaol, or is put down by the player in combat.

Afterwards, exhaust his dialogue until he tells you to meet him during the Festival of Comabt in Caelid. Head on over to the location on the map below to find Blaidd standing on a cliffside, behind a broken stone structure. You can actually see him in the distance from around the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace when looking at the right angle. From there, simply follow the path until you reach an open area full of different enemies.