9 Reasons To Use Fountain Pens: With the rise of ballpoint and rollerball pens, many individuals were enticed by the comfort of these new choices and hence got away from using fountain pens. All things considered, ballpoints and rollerballs didn’t quite get as popular as old fountain pens did. However, these are less expensive forms of pen that are available in the market. 

There’s no compelling reason to top off ballpoint pens once their ink runs out. Be that as it may, fountain pens are presently making a major rebound, with even the people who haven’t used one preceding being enticed by them. Why would that be? We investigate the primary explanations behind this switch beneath.

1. Personal Touch

Why should the writing equipment be generic when handwriting is so personal? A fountain pen gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize it to your liking. You can adjust the size and form of the nib tip depending on the writing style you want to use, and a reusable ink glass bottle lets you pick whatever color you want. 

Fountain pen nibs gradually adapt to your preferred writing angle and pressure over time, allowing you to use a pen that is uniquely tailored to your handwriting style.

2. Different Types And Sizes Of Nibs

Nibs on fountain pens come in a variety of forms and sizes. This helps you to select the ideal nib for the task at hand. Some people prefer one type of nib over another, while others like a variety. 

While a fine nib may be handy for taking notes, a flexible nib may be preferable for writing letters since it can give your writing more personality. Regardless of the type of nib you want, one of the most appealing features of fountain pens is the option to have a variety of pens with significantly diverse writing capabilities.

3. More Dependable

The ball inside the tip of a ballpoint pen is only functional when it is rolling. That’s how ink is produced so you can write on a surface. The ball does not roll smoothly on all types of paper. Another issue is the ball’s susceptibility to damage. 

A single drop of water can render your pen useless. The tip of a fountain pen, on the other hand, is more forgiving because it works with all types of paper. It also readily releases ink, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

4. Various Color Options

Inks, like nibs, can add personality to your work. It’s difficult to keep track of all of the different inks available today. Each ink has its own personality and color, and depending on the pen you use it with, it will look and behave slightly differently. 

This means you can write in a variety of styles with just a few different pens and an ink glass bottle. You can see how appealing having a selection of colors to spice up your writing might be when compared to the conventional blue and black that are typically available with roller balls and ballpoints.

5. Longer Shelf Life

Pens made with fountain ink are made to last. Their construction materials are all designed to endure a lifetime. Some high-end fountain pens can persist for decades while still working. A fountain pen’s lifespan is unquestionably greater than that of a typical ballpoint pen. 

Because of its endurance, it is a more cost-effective option than buying many pens over time. That is also why so many people choose fountain pens as unique gifts for friends and family. If you’re thinking of giving a high-end fountain pen to someone special, get it personalized with his name. 

6. Grip That Is Easy To Hold

You can trust the architecture of fountain pens to be comfortable enough to write with for long periods of time because they are designed to deliver a superior writing experience. The majority of pens have curved bodies and rubber grips, which are not found on most disposable pens. The form is intended to spread weight so that your hands are not overworked. It is clear that the manufacturers went to great lengths to ensure that the pens were perfect for writing.

7. Become A Part Of A Community

Once you’ve entered the world of fountain pens, you’ll discover that it’s full of fascinating people. Individuals in online forums are more than willing to answer any inquiries you may have. Pen meetups are held in most major cities, where you may meet other fountain pen lovers and test out pens, inks, and paper you’ve always wanted to try. One of the finest ways to immerse yourself in pen culture, meet new people, take a class or two, and walk away with that pen you’ve had your eye on is to attend a pen expo.

8. Environment Friendly

Fountain pens are significantly more environmentally friendly than ballpoint pens and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Ballpoint pens are single-use goods that are difficult to recycle, resulting in their disposal in landfills. Even when a ballpoint is refilled, the old refill is discarded.

If you use bottled ink instead of cartridges, you will have a lower environmental impact because the only thing you will waste away is the empty ink bottles, which can be recycled, and the ink will last far longer than ballpoint refills.

9. Handwriting Improvement

While using a fountain pen does not inherently improve your handwriting, it can certainly assist! It is beneficial to slow down when learning how to write with a fountain pen. This slowdown may inadvertently encourage you to take your time penning each letter. Do you wish to improve your sloppy handwriting? There’s nothing like a new pen to get you motivated. Using a fountain pen gives you a reason to buy some excellent paper.


There is no reason to dislike fountain pens in general. They provide you with an unrivaled premium writing experience. It is also an excellent gift option for a special someone or a loved one. A pen-like this can be appreciated by people from many areas of life.