Instead, the stainless steel kettle makes a hissing sound to inform you that 5 minutes have passed and your 4.2 cups are ready to be served. Our managing editor of core content and devoted tea drinker, Meghan Kavanaugh, put nine of the top tea infusers to the test and found that the Manatea was the best at brewing a cuppa. “The Manatea infuses tea quickly and hangs tightly to the mug as you drink, allowing you to carry your mug around and not worry about dripping all over your desk or coffee table,” she says. “Plus, it’s just adorable and the silicone material makes it easier to clean than most infusers.” The good news is that there are still safe pesticide-free tea brands out there, and here are a few that I approve of.

They also offer various types of matcha green tea and jasmine green tea, as well as Yuzu peach green tea, genmaicha matcha, and others. Frontier Co-Op Tea has a Well Earth sustainable sourcing program built on 30 years of experience buying botanicals. This program involves direct trade with farmers to promote fairer compensation and greater social responsibility, as well as greater sustainability for tea gardens. Happily, many in the tea industry have recognized the problem of heavy metal contamination and are taking steps to ensure safety.

You can consider looking for direct and fair trade tea too. My favorite of theirs is the Chamomile, Vanilla, & Manuka Honey! As I mentioned, Chamomile Tea is one of my absolute favorites & the addition of the vanilla & Manuka Honey is just delicious! Pukka tests all of their raw materials & they use a simple stitch of organic cotton paired with an unique folding process to hold their teabags together. This is important especially after many tea companies were found using a plastic called polypropylene to seal the edges of their teabags.

Pique Tea offers a range of black, green (including matcha!), and caffeine-free herbal teas. You can purchase individual flavors or various bundles for immune health, gut health, fasting, and calm energy. Yogi Tea offers a wide range of green tea blends as well as straight-up organic green tea. Their teas are USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO Project Verified for the most part, with others non-GMO and made with organic ingredients but not yet certified. Yogi Teas contain no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, colorants, or such, and are not irradiated. Because the company is engaged in Direct Trade, they can trace all tea back to where it’s grown, and they work with farmers to promote organic agriculture and biodiversity.

Their teas have quickly become my favorite after I learned about their standards for overall safety, transparency, & purity. All of the ingredients Pique uses are shelf life of tea carefully sourced & are Triple Toxin Screened for things like heavy metals, pesticides, & toxic mold. Do a quick Google Search on the brand you’re buying from.

With a commitment toward SDG 1, 5, 12, 13, 14, and 15, Tealeaves is on its way to revolutionizing the tea business one teacup at a time. Any products made by one of the tea brands listed above are guaranteed safe to consume. One alarming find was that 90% of Celestial Seasonings tea products had violated government pesticide limit guidelines. There were even carcinogens in the popular tea company’s products, despite their claims of using only natural flavorings and products. The FDA has already sent multiple letters to Celestial Seasonings warning the company to start providing pesticide-free products or the government will take action against them. If you are reading this right now, I’m assuming you are part of the tea lovers club.

MUD/WTR was born, and has now been shared with the world. Pique Tea is on a mission to “create doctor-approved, cutting-edge solutions” for your overall health. They do this through their teas and supplements that have been praised by many health and beauty experts like Kelly LeVeque , Dr. Will Cole (leading functional-medicine expert), and Mark Hyman, MD . There are just a few more things that you’ll want to keep in mind when you are shopping for your next tea blend. Knowing this information will help you make a more informed decision when searching for your next organic tea blend. There are a variety of reasons why organic tea is the way to go when it comes to most anything, but especially tea.

The brand’s safest tea kettle for gas stoves is crafted from 18/10 stainless steel featuring a wide base that absorbs heat and delivers 8.2 cups of boiling water in just 5-6 minutes. Using a tea infuser is a little different than a tea bag. “For example, you’ll want to steep black tea longer than green tea, and in hotter water.” Tea has become increasingly popular, thanks to its countless medicinal benefits as well as its soul-soothing qualities. So, if you are drinking tea regularly for better health, it’s important to know which brands are the cleanest to drink and which ones to avoid.

If you want more information about any tea brand, you can always look up studies or FDA regulations to see whether that brand’s products are within the legal limits of pesticide use. Each tea product was meticulously tested for 365 illegal pesticides. The study included eight different tea brands from China and India that export their products all across the globe. While many countries no longer allow the sale of these particular tea brands, the US has yet to take similar action.

Over the past few months, I’ve tried a few boxes of their adaptogen tea & have really really enjoyed them, especially their Detox & Cleanse tea…it has quickly become a favorite of mine! I really like the Sama Tea brand because all of their teas are Certified USDA Organic & GMO free, & their tea bags are plastic free. The Sama tea sachets are made from a plant based material called PLA & are designed to be compostable. They offer both non-caffeinated & caffeinated tea flavors. If you’ve been following me for some time now, I’m sure you’ve seen me share Pique. Over the past year, they have become my absolute go-to for all things tea, matcha, & immune support.