The same applies to keeping predators out, with it being difficult to climb for coyotes, foxes, and wild dogs. Chain link fences can be installed at various heights too, which can further help with this issue. Picket fences offer pet containment, security, and beauty without sacrificing visibility.

Because Derby fence is hollow it is lighter and easier to work with than wood fencing. An HDPE rail weighs about as much as a wooden rail of the same dimensions, and a post weighs about one quarter as much as solid wood of the same dimensions. Thick side walls add strength and firmness to HDPE fence products and eliminate the need for, and cost of, internal reinforcement with other materials. However, because horse rail fences are vinyl, this fencing choice is very durable and low maintenance.

Choosing the right fencing material for your particular project is a very important first step in researching horse fence products. Derby’s unique thick-walled construction makes our HDPE horse fences the sturdiest and safest of all polymer fences available on the market. Derby’s 3-rail HDPE ranch fence has become the trusted source for large animal containment.

Get some ideas and inspiration for your next fence project. The fence gallery below shows examples of aluminum, vinyl, and wood fences that we have installed. If you are in the market for new ranch rail fencing, you may be overwhelmed by the options available to you. In Canada an attempt was made to patent several cedar fence designs. These styles became known as Patent Cedar Fences, also called Patent Fences or Patent Rail Fences.

The average cost of farm fencing is between $2 and $20 per linear foot. Farm fencing should be at least 5 feet tall, highly visible, and sturdy yet flexible enough not to injure an animal who might run into it. Find professional fencing companies near you that can help you make the right decision to fit your needs.

The posts and rails have twice the wall thickness of most PVC fencing. A three rail HDPE fence is perfect for horses, cattle and other livestock and is the ultimate all purpose fencing solution for your farm, ranch or large property. Derby fences look better, work harder and last longer than wood, PVC, Vinyl and wire fences.

Using precast concrete is a wise investment because you are guaranteed a product that not only lasts, but also looks amazing. Chain link fencing is also very low maintenance, to the point where almost no repairs will be needed. Because chain link fences are galvanized, they don’t rust over time. And gray house wood shutters their strength and durability make them very difficult to damage, meaning less time and money spent fixing broken parts. With many different fencing options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your property. Read on for our guide to the best types of fences for a ranch.