The Third Season is the first season to have its Limited Edition Shopkins have their own specific theme, with the team name for the Limited Editions being the “Cool Jewels” Shopkins. ”Kids have embraced Shopkins and they are anxious to build their collections, and we’re working hard to keep the store shelves stocked for the holidays.” Many parents have been left bewildered as sales of the small, plastic collectable characters continue to soar in the UK. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. Just enter your Pincode and see delivery timelines on product pages.

Moose will continue to produce the Shopkins toys you know and love. Only the iOS and Android apps are being discontinued. The Shopkins games have had a long and wonderful life.

They speak to the collector in meAs a kid, I collected all sorts of things, especially seashells and stickers. But there were also toys, figurines and charm bracelets. It’s a childhood rite of passage to collect something, and not every kid is going to be into the more “old-school” collectibles like coins, stamps or rocks. It also usually creates a situation where they can be organized and disciplined about something. Kindi Kids is the fifth and ongoing spin-off of Shopkins released in August 2019, featuring the Shoppies dolls as toddlers, with the slogan being “Yay! Various Playsets were also released under the “Kindi Fun” name tag.

This season introduced Petkins which are Shopkins with faces that resemble animals. Other new categories include Party Time, Petshop, Garden, and Accessories. The new teams, Stationery, International Food and Hats, were added to Season Three. Season Three also introduced two new ranges of Shopkins; Food Fair and Fashion Spree.

The same toys were released in France in 2017, and later Mexico in 2018. Kindi Kids made a spin-off, called Kindi Kids Minis featuring miniature versions of the ten-inch dolls, but still 1800s toys with the bobble-head feature and glittery eyes. Various playsets were made featuring vehicles like scooters, motorcycles, and cars, and a school bus playset, each with exclusive minis.

With only 4 seasons produced, the line was also discontinued in 2020. The general purpose of this project was to give Chloe a really cool place to track her collection of shopkin toys. Since its inception the projects ideas and scope has molded into the site you are visiting today.