Karey Ireland

Karey Ireland was born on March 15, changing our lives forever with those chubby cheeks and wiggly eyebrows. I'll write out her birth story one day, but I want to record these sweet, dreamy first days with her. How she's burst into our lives and made every little thing a thousand times better. A week and a half ago, I wouldn't have had a clue what to expect. I didn't daydream about cuddling in bed with the morning sun streaming in, or a little button nose, or staring at her for hours on end. I had hoped it would be fun, but I really had no idea. 

And now she's here and she's more than I could have ever dreamed or hoped for. Taking care of her has come so naturally to Trevor and I, a couple of clueless kids who'd never even changed a diaper before. 

These past few days have been the most perfect of my life - strange and dreamy, adjusting to a whole new way of life, kind of like being on a honeymoon, where each lazy day runs into the next. When it came to having a baby and becoming a mom, I was worried about so many things. But I didn't factor in love, how it takes over and makes even the hard stuff seem sweet and simple. These days with her have been so honest and pure, not doing a thing but loving on each other and becoming a family. Coffee and cuddles and our own little world. We are so deliriously happy.

Day in the Life - March 9, 2017

With my due date only days away, I wanted to take the time to capture the weird, fun, uniqueness of these last few days - the waiting, the peace, the frustration, the endless cups of raspberry leaf tea I'm consuming. I haven't done a day in the life in years (it's SO much harder than it seems, especially without kids). The catch 22 for doing this project now is that I have had literally nothing going on these last few days, so the photos aren't exciting in the least, but having all that free time is what makes a project like this so much easier to do. 

These images aren't necessarily bursting with creativity, and I wish I had taken so many more, but overall I am thrilled to have this special time captured forever. To show Karey one day what life was like as we eagerly anticipated her arrival.