The individual is doing it at no cost taking up lots of their time and rarely even get thanked. If that wasn’t the case, we will solely marvel why those people would not somewhat use their time being poisonous on those groups as an alternative. Their record of “lively initiatives” are as long as the listing of the untranslated chapters for every “tasks” they maintain.

Like if the occasion is a castle siege and the people pushed again the monsters, you’ll have to assist the monsters succeed within the shadow world copy. Just met some people with shitty personalities that he apparently knew on his past life. The tled manhwa is like 18 chapters forward in different aggregator website… Watchposts without a horn or one thing to sound an alarm. They really deserved to be overrun the first time round.

After studying the reality, Yeon-woo determined to climb the tower alongside along with his brother’s diary. Yeon-woo then proceeds to go through the identical trials and fights as his younger brother did as an nameless player. Defeating the Obelisk Tower and get revenge for his brother. @unkownfactor i see the place you’re coming from but that area could be very exhausting to hit and how forging works it’s going what does skitzing mean to probably be the toughest part of the armor as a result of you’ll bend it out aspect in making the center thicker. Hello everyone, this is a new subreddit devoted to every little thing about A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special whether it be from art work to discussions about new chapters when they are launched.

At the second, scans that come out are provided by jaiminis box and leviatan scans. Feel free to thank them for the time and effort they put in to translating the chapters and you can all the time donate to them also. It’s also not like there’s not going to be motion sooner or later; simply look at the practice shadow worlds they’ve been in, not to point out there’s clearly a overseas army marching presumably towards where they are. Hell, simply read the first chapter or so and you may see that the shadow worlds will eventually get brutal. @Angelxe1 It’s not exhausting to think about that those folks did that on objective to drive a small group of scanlators out of this sequence. Please notice, that not each report is actionable.

There has been a while between chapters and there ought to have been a bit extra in this one to fulfill the readers. A bit acknowledgement of the lord or some more advancement in the situation of the poor. Something, even if it does not amount to much later would have been fantastic, so that thge reader would a minimal of have felt like she/he wouöd have read sopmething with content material.