You can substitute sour mix with equal parts simple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice, which will be the most refreshing version since it’s fresh. Now, this recipe is great as is, but you can easily swap the vodka for another liquor of your choice. In fact, if you swap the vodka for Jameson Irish whiskey, it will taste remarkably similar to a green tea shot.

But, if you use one of the tea recipes, they may end up with some caffeine in them. Yes and no, the real version of this white tea cocktail that I have made here, does not have any tea included in it. But, in some recipes there is actually tea as an ingredient. I have included some of those tea recipes below. Unlike some green teas, white tea is not suitable for making tea lattes.

The ingredient differentiating the White Tea Shot from the Green Tea Shot is vodka. In this recipe, you bdo tea with fine scent will use 1 oz of plain vodka. You do not need to purchase any sort of flavored vodka for this drink.

Make sure to make white tea shot recipes with a vodka brand you enjoy. Any brand will work, but if you go bottom shelf, you’ll be able to tell. Our favorite mid-level vodka brands are SKYY and Smirnoff. Prepare all the ingredients required and add equal parts of your favorite vodka, peach schnapps, and sour mix into the cocktail shaker.

The color of the green tea shot is primarily controlled by the sour mix. Some are brighter than others, and those with more lime juice may produce a greener hue. Both green tea and white tea come from Camellia Sinensis, a tea plant, but the difference between green tea and white tea is the way they are processed. Both white tea and green tea differ in the age at which their tea leaves are picked and harvested.