Whether you’re designing a room from the ground up or giving an existing room a well-deserved refresh, color is one of the most important factors. Enter, wall paint—the easiest option for updating a space. One of the most unexpected design applications is painting a floor. From stained wood to carefully painted stencils, the process can add pop to an otherwise drab space. A painted floor can also be a more cost-effective alternative to a rug and provide you the durability that can last the lifetime of your home. The green shade is a perfect choice for you who want fresh looks to enliven your living space.

She opted for a pitch-black color rather than the usual white that dominates the trend. While black may seem like an intimidating color, pairing it with white furniture and a light-tone rug show why you don’t need to shy away from the shade. Rather, the classic hue is the perfect foundation for curating a striking space that never gets old.

Choose a cool pattern, mix it with white, and opt for boho decor. Gray and white striped floors lead to a mudroom built in window seat with yellow cushion. White and red laundry room with gray striped floors featuring a white quartz countertop enclosing a white front load washer and dryer. There are colors that could fall in either the warm or cool category depending on their exact position on the color wheel and exactly whose color theory you’re following. Instead of only using colors to create an interesting wall, consider using different textures. However, instead of forcing your eyes to be drawn to it, it calmly sits in the background and allows your furniture to take the spotlight.

Want to make your space feel super bright, even if you have almost zero natural light? A white pagoda lantern lights a round white and blue table paired with a white and blue French chair placed on a gray geometric painted floor. A gray marble countertop accents a white and gray French washstand donning nickel knobs and placed on marble diamond floor tiles, while a wall is covered in hand painted flowers. Beneath a white plank coffered ceiling, backless blue stripe counter stools sit in a kitchen on a wide plank rustic wood floor at a light gray plank peninsula.

The smooth, stone-effect gray vinyl floor has been beautifully elevated by the added element of a traditional, Victorian Star tile design in bright red and orange. The pattern creates a striking focal point in the room and grounds the kitchen island wood fairy costume to the space, with the surrounding gray color instilling a sense of calm. Whether you’re planning to use marble, stone, vinyl or wood for gray flooring ideas, we have collected our top designs to help you make the perfect decision for your space.

I’ve given you a few reasons to skip the weathered wood tones and opt for a classic real hardwood. First, I don’t want to offend you if you have one of these design crimes happening in your home because we all have to start somewhere. But I do want you to consider changing your gray wood flooring if you have it or choose another style when you are ready to renovate your home.

If you want to make a bright and vibrant room then you can go with pale yellow. This shade will still bring some yellowish looks but in a much softer and natural way. Looking for a professional painter to update your interior before moving in? We are a house painting platform that simplifies the process for homeowners and painting contractors.

The weathered gray look isn’t meant for interiors. However, in a living room, it would be best to paint the wall where the windows are located if the wall is large enough, or on the wall with a fireplace or other large feature. It would be best to choose the wall people will immediately lay their eyes on when they enter the area, such as behind your bed. This color is perfect to be used in any room that needs a smooth, calm, and relaxing ambient such as in the bedroom.

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