Vanakkam is a traditional Tamil dish made of rice flour with a mix of vegetables and fresh herbs. It is a staple of the Tamil people who have a strong identity in their cuisine and culture.

Vanakkam is made by cooking rice flour in the oil of a cauldron. Traditionally, the rice flour is cooked with the oil until it becomes a thick paste. The paste is then taken off the fire and left to cool. It is then taken to the kitchen of the house and cooked with the vegetables and herbs.

Vanakkam is a classic Tamil dish. It’s basically a boiled rice, filled with broth, and served with steamed vegetables and rice. The dish is made with vegetables and herbs in one dish, cooked with meat and boiled rice to make a beautiful, creamy dish. Also available as a salad, or as a dessert. But if you wish, you can also make it using rice as a base.

There are many traditional methods of vanakkam preparation, this being one of the more simple ones. The key is to make sure that the rice is cooked longer than you think it will be. This will enable the protein to absorb the starch, and the starch to absorb the water. It helps to keep the rice warm during the cooking process, which will ensure that the rice is soft and cooked just right.

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