Hang on your wall, decorate your door or create a shelf vignette with books and trinkets beside it. Squeeze a dab of glue slightly above the topmost part of the rim. Each shape is made to order and ships ready to paint or finish for your very own concepts.

With or without your green thumb, you can grow a wow of a garden. With your craft flowers and this handy flower pot cutout of course! Use this flower pot cutout as your…

Add a drop of glue at the back of the flower. The glue adheres well to the wood base so you only need a pea-sized glue or even less. Family owned since 2005, we’re dedicated to bringing you more of the quality wooden craft parts you love. This is an adorable Flower Bookmark wooden cutout just waiting to be decorated into crafty goodness! 8-1/2″ in height, and 3-1/4” in width, make this blank wooden cutout your own with… Happy, garden-y vibes – even indoors – that’s what you’ll get when you craft one of these charming flower cutouts.

Use the mason jar shape for your next art and craft project. We can always add a hole to the mason jar to make it a wood mason jar ornament as well. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – These mason jar wood cutouts are crafted from top-quality, unfinished Baltic Birch Plywood, and are 8” long and ¼” thick. Their large size and durable design make them perfect for crafts that you want to have hanging around for a long time. We cut all of our wood cutouts and wooden shapes when you order them.

This craft project is very easy to do. All you need is a wood cut mason jar, sola flowers, twine and a glue gun. Think of it as a mason jar-shaped empty canvas. Made of solid birch plywood solid wooden pool covers 1/2” thick, our chunky star cutouts measure 4” from tip to shining tip. It may be made of plywood, but this is birch. Start adding the flowers to cover the top part of the jar.

This can be left alone or easily painted. Our equipment is specialized to greatly reduce the amount of discoloration, but does not entirely eliminate it. The color of some product parts may vary from what is shown in the image. Our blanks are the perfect match for many mediums; paint, stain, glitter & epoxy, vinyl, decoupage, and more.

You can paint, dye, scrabble, etc. On the surface of the pre marked wooden Area. The thin wooden mdf is easy to hang. It can be used for home, wedding, party, party decoration, etc. Craft shape is made to order & ready to ship within business hours! Our unfinished wood cut-outs are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade HDF.