It’s the most common term in the world of politics these days, but what does it mean? It’s basically a general lockdown (or total shutdown) of any means of communication.

The government and the military uses this term to describe a sort of “total blackout.” They’re shutting down the internet, cutting off water, electricity, etc. They’re doing this to prevent the spread of information and to prevent people from coordinating efforts. It’s the easiest way for the government to keep an eye on the actions of people they deem “threats.

This is a bit like “total lockdown” in that it’s a very specific measure that the government uses to keep people under their thumb. In fact, the word “total” is used a couple of times throughout the game. For example, in the “Red Alert” mission, the government activates a special control center where they monitor and control everything from the airwaves to the internet. When the government controls the internet, they control the entire world.

The government may seem scary, but they are actually very real and very powerful. They control everything from airwaves to the internet. So in response, the players must use each other to keep the red alert at bay. While we’re not exactly sure how the government is going to go about attacking the internet, I’m going to hazard the guess that once they get to it, they’re going to go after the internet.

There are three ways that the government can control the internet: (1) The government can physically take over the internet and (2) they can use the internet as a tool to control the world. The third method is the most scary, but it is also probably the most effective. As it turns out, the government can use the internet to control the world.

The internet is what the government loves to call an open platform. The internet is like a vast library full of books, and the government can see what is in those books and what is not. This is why the government is now planning to take over the internet and take over the world.

The internet can be a tool for governments to fight terrorism and fight crime. It can be a tool for the government to spread propaganda. It can be a tool for the government to take over information. The problem is though, the government will want to control what is in the books, what is not, and how much information is freely available to the public.

The internet is not your own property. It is owned by the US government. And if it is owned by the government, it will be controlled by the government. And if it is controlled by the government, it will be controlled by the government. And that may be a bad thing, but it is exactly what the government wants.

That’s why total government control is not only a bad thing, it is also a bad idea. If the internet is owned by the government, it will become a tool of the government, and if it is owned by the government, it will become a tool of the government. If the government doesn’t like it, then it could shut it down. That could take years. That would be a bad thing. So it is best if it is controlled by the government.

Government control or total government control? Well, I dont believe either one is an ideal situation. Total government control could lead to things like ‘total’ surveillance. Of course, it could also lead to things like ‘total’ government control if the government believes it is the best way of accomplishing some goal. If the government is against your idea of a good way to do something, it could shut down your website.