There are three possible missing persons on an island of a hundred or so. Two of whom were apparently at the Father Paul-led AA meeting before they went missing. Leeza is now with Dr. Sarah trying to explain how she walked. Her parents believe it’s a miracle, but the doctor isn’t willing to make that proclamation.

He seizures, throws up metallic blood, and then dies in front of Bev and Wade. “Darkness,” we hear Paul say, continuing his confessional story about Pruitt in the ruins. Monsignor manages to see a familiar pair of glowing eyes in the darkness until he strikes one match too many and is met with a winged creature that sucks the fear and pain out of him. While this monstrosity seems evil in nature, Monsignor believes it was an angel who restored his youth.

The storyline follows eight teenagers as they make a pact while telling late-night stories at a magical place called the Rotterdam House. The Newton Brothers scored the Netflix series; music supervisor Justine von Winterfeldt picked the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in The Midnight Club, an adaptation of Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel.

The survivors — Erin, Hassan, Sarah, Annie, Leeza, and Harrison — are holed up in Sarah’s house trying to figure out how to escape. Harrison has a canoe that could get them to the Uppards, but Erin believes that the reason Bev and the others didn’t sink those boats is because they plan to go to the mainland to feed next. If pussycat dolls carmen electra just one of the resurrected gets off the island, it could be catastrophic. They are no longer fighting to protect themselves, they’re fighting to save the world. Hassan is being reamed out by Bowl’s mom, who isn’t happy at the insinuation that her son, who sells weed to provide for his family, has been killed by a client.

The production of such an intricate show amid the difficulties that the pandemic presented is admirable in-and-of-itself. The pandemic also limited the amount of extras on set, helping the show to create an eerie, small-town atmosphere. In October 2021, writer and filmmaker Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor ) released his much-anticipated limited TV series, Midnight Mass, on Netflix.

But this angel might have a dark side—or a cruel sense of humor. Just when you thought Father might be dead, he awakens. The miracle causes Bev to slip and call him Monsignor. Well, it was an old newspaper clipping that featured a photo of a young Pruit, or should we say, Father Paul. Riley has found power in forms of recovery that don’t focus on God.

She wants Erin, but Annie goes instead to give her a piece of her mind. “You aren’t a good person,” she tells a crestfallen Bev. And you certainly, certainly aren’t a victim.” When Bev insinuates that Annie’s bad parenting is why Riley was a murderer, Annie just smiles and lets her know that God loved Riley just the same as he loves her.

Shortly after him, Father Paul shows up in the community, marking the beginning of mysterious events. More and more resentment and discord germinates between the otherwise peaceful residents, who are confronted with old secrets, hidden scars and dark conflicts. As tempers flare and bloody chasms become unavoidable, the returnee sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding Father Paul. However, the man of God knows how to use his protective power effectively. Listen to all songs from the first season of the Netflix tv show Midnight Mass.