Unfurling the wire and popping a bottle offers a playful, exciting experience. In addition, the handsome label art features the golden astrolabe from the Game of Thrones opening credits. Of the nine Game of Thrones beers Ommegang has brewed and distributed, Winter is Here is my personal top two or three.

Since Game of Throneslaunched in 2011, there have been clever marketing ploys to add to the fantasy TV series’ world. Since 2013, Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York, has sold Game of Thrones-branded specialty beers, much to the delight of fans and craft beer enthusiasts. Has been a cash cow not just for HBO, but also for the tourism industry in the show’s filming locations, T-shirt sales, and in the case of Ommegang—the craft beer community. Mike Pomranz has been covering craft beer for nearly two decades and trending food and beverage news for Food & Wine for 7 years. While the bottle itself is not as artfully crafted as the wines or the scotches, uncorking the top like it is a bottle champagne definitely makes it feel like a special occasion.

“The first step of the collaboration involved creating a beer label that elegantly merged Game of Thrones’ unique universe with Mikkeller’s more lighthearted and colorful expression,” Bjergsø explained. As such, Mikkeller’s adom stock forecast 2025 longtime art director, Keith Shore—known for his somewhat cartoony work—was also the one who designed the Iron Anniversary label. The mineral makeup of water, beer’s principal constituent, varies from place to place.

That said, this first release will only be available in limited quantities in select markets… though thankfully that includes the United States. Danish brewery Mikkeller has inked a multi-year deal to sell GoT-themed beers worldwide. The packaging of Seven Kingdoms is nothing short of stunning. Unless serving it by the keg, the beer only comes in a 750ml bottle format. The elegant presentation includes a cork stopper and muselet, the type of wire cage that holds the cork on a bottle of champagne.

“The malt comes through over the hops.” Tasting notes included banana, malt, and citrus flavors orange and lemon. The finish is quite bitter, and somewhat notably, the wonderful bitterness lingers in the mouth for an extended time. The Fandom team reached the consensus that the beer is delicious, complex, and overall, quite balanced. New York’s Ommegang Brewery, home ofGame of Thrones-themed beers, is offering a little respite from all the thumb twiddling with a new line of show-themed beers.

A group of 6 colleagues tasted the beer together as a group. The beer was let to settle upright for 24 hours and served very cold. Seven Kingdoms is cloudy in the glass, but spectacular in color, a golden yellow that matches the label. The most seasoned beer aficionado on the team, Sean Piereman, described his first taste as, “pretty darn smooth for a hop beer.” And then the overwhelmingly positive tasting notes started flowing from there.