This time, as demanded also from the best of the key players in the market, we decided to push focus on the most influential and upcoming bloggers prevailing in the next important Fashion destinations, i.e. Here below can be seen more in detail which are the top 10s in all of the three countries, their collaboration histories and the reason-why behind their huge impact in the industry. Soraya, 26, has Iranian and Egyptian origins. When she is not in London or in Dubai for professional appointments, she comes back to Geneva, the city where she grew up.

Check out what Kristina Bazan of Kayture had to say when we asked her our five questions. How to read a blog and contribute to it. Analysis and construction of a perfect blog post. Where and how to find material to write an article. How to find keywords, use the Google keywords planner tool, choose a title, a subtitle, and which/how many photos to enter. Anni fromFashionhippieloves has around 914’936 Instagram followers.

Waterproof eyeshadows are simply a certainty. My Christmas had all the prerequisites to be perfect. A decorated Christmas tree as it should be.

Finally I discovered a web journal on fashion since I’m generally eager to locate some new swiss web journals. Being in trend is what every girl dream of and the post like yours help such girls. OnLips2LagerfeldOliver Lips demonstrates not only good taste in fashion but also that male blogs can rock just as much as their female kmst blog opponents. High flyer Kristina Bazan reached withKayturewhat other bloggers are still dreaming of. With her flawless dollish face and the magazine worthy photography her blog is an escape into a fairytale. In 2017 I started recording podcasts and YouTube videos to share our family journey to a more sustainable life.

I’ve heard of the delicate architecture of traditional temples, the energy of the streets of Tokyo, the kindness of Japanese people – and more recently, the dreamy, powdery snow in the north of the country…. Minea is totally adored by young people. She writes and talks both in German and English in her blog, so she perfectly reflects her target and generation. Michèle also gets steady call ups at events in Zurich, as the other close competing influencers are hardly available.