This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Surly product and is not transferrable. This warranty applies only to products purchased through an authorized dealer or distributor. Depending on drivetrain configuration, tire clearance may be limited by the chain and not frame. Ice Cream Truck is the bike we reach for when we don’t really know what the trail has in store. The Wednesday has a much lower standover height at 774 mm compared to the ICT’s 803 mm.

But if you want to save money and are not consider about gnarly adventures across dessert sand, the Wednesday is completely capable. Essentially in a sentence if you want a very wide fat bike tire and plan to ride the most hardcore terrains the Ice Cream Truck is ideal. Where if you are just getting into fat bikes and need something to start out with the Wednesday is maybe a better choice.

Bike Flights is our preferred shipping provider. Shipping costs vary depending on your location. If you choose to ship we’ll add an estimated shipping charge to your order. If the actual shipping cost is +/- 10% we will refund the difference or request additional shipping to complete your order.

We’re not here to inspire you, and we didn’t laden it with anything. What we did do was design a monolith of a trail bike that doesn’t care what’s in front of it. From log and root covered ribbons of twisty singletrack to miles of powdery snow or sandy beaches, Ice Cream Truck can handle it all. Hell, you could probably even hop over a grizzly if the situation arises. I still am not sure I completely understand what happened here to bend the chainstay.

The hydrophobic quality of the film sheds mud and speeds up wash time. RideWrap gives you confidence to focus on the ride not the consequences. Charge harder, pedal further, and ride more knowing your bike is protected. From log and root-covered ribbons of twisty singletrack to miles of powdery snow or sandy beaches, Ice Cream Truck can handle it all. It’s pretty safe to say that fat bikes don’t fly and one of the scariest things in the world is seeing one flying at you when you come off it at speed. I overcooked it, cocked it up and realized that I don’t really know how to jump.

We recommend our high-quality universal fit products to get protected today. The team has not had the opportunity to measure this particular model or size yet, so Tailored Protection is not currently available. Minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day. Your RideWrap Tailored Protection™ kit has the highest available coverage on the market thanks to a proprietary design process.

Clearances vary widely depending on components and configurations. Different tire and rim combinations will what is the difference between dro and weed result in different clearances. This is a carousel that displays an Instagram feed of Surly bikes.

But all the measurements below are in mm and are for both medium sized bikes. A go-anywhere, do-anything fat bike worthy of weekend or weeklong adventures. Ever since a young kid bikes have been a source of inspiration, expression of creativity and identity for myself. Honestly it tears me up but I genuinely believe that I was destined to ride bikes for the rest of my life! This item is eligible for delivery in select areas. RideWrap protection film has a 10 year warranty against yellowing and cracking.