Digital Hospitality is a weekly podcast and video series that explores the ways that successful businesses and entrepreneurs have merged traditional business methods with innovative digital strategies that harness the power of the Internet. How to prepare mole how to how to cook tortillas how to grind you know masa and how to make it. And that transferred to my mom and I get to witness that as third generation, so it’s very cool. If you’re in the surf park business as an operator, developer, or investor – Surf Park Central is a must-have resource for your team. Around the world there has been a global movement towards human-made wave technologies and other innovations to enhance the world of surfing.

The Fantasy side of the show, early on, was quite informative if you were sucking at the game and was entertaining to listen to the two of them go back/forth. Interviews with a varied range of surfers and surfing characters, along with a new’ish show – Off The Lip – where Jim goes Han Solo with his interviews. Right now, it’s a good listen most of the time and is improving at a quick rate.

Dupont was unable to continue surfing her heat, bringing an early end to her and team partnerTony Laureano’s run at Nazaré. And I think also the social aspect of building friendship. I think which one of the following is not a layout tactic in a jit environment? we’ve seen some really amazing friendships come from our surf classes where there’s a camaraderie and being helpful and trusting one another and trusting another fellow human being.

She said she’s been doing that since she moved to California and so it’s you know that’s I said Grandma and then you’re amazing. This is amazing that you’ve been doing this for this long. She goes Yeah it’s time everyone starts listening to me and catches up. Beyond the Ocean is powered by Surf Park Central, the world’s leading source for information on surf parks, surfing lagoons, and out of ocean surfing experiences. I love the idea behind them and I love the whole idea of a podcast. I know a lot of people hate podcasts, but I feel like its the perfect medium for telling the story of a movie.

Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. Action Oriented—enjoys working hard and looks for challenges; able to act and react as necessary, even if limited information is available; willing to take unpopular stands when necessary. Stay informed of best practices for the ever changing podcast landscape. Since September 2009, Neil Pearlberg has written over 200 articles covering the sport of surfing, as well as skateboarding, and soccer, for the Bay Area News Group, & Santa Cruz Waves.

Listening to Ain’t That Swell you can expect some great interviews that sit alongside their charismatic and entertaining approach to delivering a podcast. Could be over the top with energy for some, but for most, it’s a great listen. TUDOR is an award-winning Swiss-made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with refined aesthetics, proven reliability and unique value for money.

The santa-surfing podcast is about 12 minutes long, whereas the santa-surfing podcast is only 5 minutes long. But that’s probably for the better because the movie ends up taking a long time to make. Like any documentary, there are many points to get across, and it’s best to have less people talking than more. I can probably say no to all of the santa surf podcasts. Even though it’s a long time, I’m not sure if there are any other santa surf podcasts you’ll enjoy watching.

Im not sure what the best podcast is, but Im sure ill find it. Lipped started out fairly heavy on Fantasy Surfer guides/tips/thoughts and has slowly evolved to being a lot more. The hosts, Cahill & Jim, both play conversational ping pong most of the time with chats ranging from who’s been ripping to who’s been stinking it up to all the way across to hot topics within surf itself. While they dance around various topics they generally do put an opinion out there without too much sugar.

Hundreds of Surfing Santas will bring their finest surfing sleds to shred some waves on Christmas Eve. A couple of WA Corelords talking about pro surfing and all things salt. With the tagline, Another Fucking Surf Podcast you’ve gotta love them. Tim has been a guest on there once and talked up a storm. Listen out for some epic rants by Adz Kennedy – a single fin wielding wildman/plumber who loves a good yarn.