Stardew Valley is all about the simple things in life and making the most of what you have. However, that doesn’t mean everything in the game is cheap. For those farmers who like the finer things in life (Haley fans, I’m looking at you), this article lists the top 15 most expensive items you can…

During this time it won’t produce fruit, but it will actually produce coal that can be harvested. This isn’t a permanent state – eventually the tree recovers and goes back to providing its fruit but for a while you have a coal tree on your Stardew Valley farm. Fruit trees can be planted in the winter as in planted in the ground, but they’re not going to grow which makes it mostly pointless. The cost of buying all six fruit trees saplings at Pierre’s General Store is 25 Gold per 400g.

Orange Trees have a significant price increase when it comes to overall profit, where one Iridium-quality fruit can be worth 200g. They are planted in the Summer and they bear one fruit every day after maturing. Orange Wine and Orange Jam are worth 840g, and 350g, respectively. Trees are always a good way of adding some extra income to your farm, making it look better, and giving yourself the opportunity to create new things such as jam and wine. However, not all fruit trees are created equal so you have fruit trees that are drastically better than others when it comes to the possible money you can get from them.

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But there is a clear difference between cleaning your room and harvesting a crop with your brand new bronze scythe. Stardew Valley is all about beginning a new life in a new town after you inherited a land plot from your grandfather. One of the five skills you can pursue is the farming skill, which is one of the best because it can give you a steady income and it’s also fun! The world is truly your oyster when it comes to sandbox games. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself in a block-based map or a zombified wasteland, you get to decide how to play!

In the greenhouse, in the center soil, or around the border, fruit trees can grow. Once mature, fruit trees planted in the greenhouse or on Ginger Island will bikenames bear fruit every day, and their color will not change with the seasons. Stardew Valley is a serene experience where farming and adventure go hand-in-hand.