Pokecord is a discord bot of the game Pokemon. Pokecord has been in development for fairly some time, however it had its first full launch again in 2013. You begin off with some basic powers and interact with the world. You don’t know what youre doing, but youre most likely not going to care. When pokemon appears on your display you probably can battle, catch and prepare the pokemon by way of pokecord by giving directions to the pokecord bot.


Redirect disable – If you want Pokemon to spawn randomly, use this command to do so. Patreon – This command can be utilized to ship a link to the bot’s Patreon web page. Cancel – If you don’t want to proceed the commerce offer, use this command to cancel the commerce.

The video isn’t mine, I used mine. The credit hack I use is the one featured right here. I tried to make it very simple for people to know and follow along. It also incorporates data that isnt actually wanted but can provide you extra practice. The fastest is probably to donate, you get 250 credit and 1 redeem for every dollar donated.

Use this command to show more details about your Pokemon when utilizing p! Pokemonandp!

This will allow and disable p! In the track you’re presently in. Redirect handicap

The competition to catch the pokemons is really of one other level. All the players, are eagerly waiting to catch them almost all of the time!! So, to get ahead on this competition, i’ll recommend you to maintain your “p! Catch” command handy, I mean either maintain it typed already or just hold it copied to paste it and seize the pokemon at its first sight. That’s great! Here is an inventory of all of the trading commands in Pokecord.