With several aesthetic options, homeowners will get a stunning custom look matched with incredible durability. The engineered wood siding comparison chart below illustrates the differences between metal vs wood siding. One of those differences is the superior protection steel offers against both water and fire. After you review your options, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Metal siding has become an increasingly popular siding choice as it has both a long-term life expectancy and creates a clean, modern look. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, this is the siding you want, as it’s long-lasting and recyclable.

With no seams, there are far fewer places for water to infiltrate. Our metal siding is also extremely resistant to high winds, impacts, and fire. To many homeowners, the perfect siding not only makes your home look great but also provides years of protection while also being low-maintenance and protected by a strong warranty.

The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary. DIZAL Faux Wood Grain Aluminum Siding is created when real wood planks are digitized to reproduce nature’s varieties of wood. An exclusive HD printing process prints the image onto the siding. DIZAL digitally reproduces wood grains in 121 colors and 30 species.

And learn more about all Quality Edge steel siding products here. To achieve authentic-looking veins and natural wood tones, Vesta engineers created six unique and intricate hand-drawn panels for each woodgrain color. The multi-dimensional planks are drawn to complement each other and are distinct enough to create an impactful, signature look that is as beautiful up close as it is far away.

Let’s break down the many different siding options available to choose from by considering the metrics mentioned above. The final factor to consider when choosing your new siding is the installation process. Various materials have different installation processes and difficulties. Some siding types will also require more maintenance throughout their lifetimes compared to other material types.

Installing your siding correctly ensures the ultimate protection. A castellation profile is reminiscent of the top of a castle wall having a series of rectangular alternating parapets and indentations. Castellation has pyrography wood burning ideas once again become a popular architectural trend in both commercial projects and stylish contemporary residential designs. With Grayne Engineered Composite Shingle, you get the same beauty with none of the maintenance.