Series star Bryan Baeumler has confirmed that new episodes of the show are already in the works. BQC was founded in 2008 by a merger of Bryan Baeumler’s contracting business with Stuart Bailey’s cabinetry business, and went on to grow into one of the largest construction companies in Ontario. We are a diverse group of individuals, creatives, technologists, analysts and more.

MEAWW brings you the best content from its global team of reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. Renovation Island introduced HGTV viewers in the U.S. to Bryan, Sarah, and their family when it premiered in 2020. But fans of the channel who live in Canada were already well acquainted with the Baeumlers.

It was successor to previous series House of Bryan; and also following on from Leave It to Bryan, combining aspects of both. Leave it to Bryan suspended production with the start of Bryan Inc. The season 1 series order was for 13 episodes in a 60-minute timeslot. Like the two predecessors, Bryan Inc. was also produced by Si Entertainment. The show features Bryan Baeumler, his construction company, wife Sarah, and their children.

Bryan is a licensed contractor and the host of several shows on HGTV. His wife Sarah, who owns a brand called ‘Sarah Delivered’, is an interior designer with an eye for aesthetics. The couple has appeared on several HGTV shows together such as ‘House of Bryan’, ‘ Bryan Inc’ and ‘Island of Bryan’. With various rustic elements like the wooden staircase and fur rugs and throws spread across the house, and modern elements like glass banister and open concept floor plan, the house definitely drew everybody’s attention.

‘Renovation, Inc’ will take viewers back to Canada, where Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are originally from. In this prequel series to ‘Renovation Island’, we will see the lovely couple running their family-owned construction business. Bryan Inc. (broadcast under the title Renovation, Inc. in the U.S.) is a HGTV Canada home roof cleaning calabasas building, home renovation, business reality television, and homelife reality TV show. Bryan Inc. is a follow-up to the HGTV Canada show House of Bryan, which followed the Baeumlers as they built various houses that they themselves would live in. Bryan Inc. was greenlit in 2015, for the fall 2016 season on HGTV Canada.

At the company, they will buy, renovate, and then sell houses, to turn a profit. The business that the show revolves around is Baeumler Quality Construction , co-founded by Bryan Baeumler, a home construction business that does new builds and renovations; a full-service construction and renovation firm. The company operates in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada; and is based in Burlington and Oakville. We are one of the world’s fastest growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world.

This article is about the Canadian renovation company based TV show. Central to executing our mission is the computer vision technology built out of FuboTV India. Our Bangalore office is a critical tech hub for Fubo, and is leading the company’s tech innovation on a global scale. Unlike Renovation Island, which chronicles Bryan and his wife, Sarah’s attempts to transform a run-down tourist resort located on the South Andros Island in the Bahamas, the Renovation, Inc. series was filmed in Canada.

The Baeumlers were renovation pros when they decided to completely makeover a run-down resort in the Bahamas. But they didn’t realize just how challenging getting their hotel, which they dubbed the Caerula Mar Club, ready for guests would be, or how it would change their lives. “If you haven’t already heard, the news is out and we are in the works of filming another season of Island of Bryan/Renovation Island,” she wrote. Bryan’s wife Sarah Baeumler confirmed the news in an Instagram post of her own a few days later. After the success of Renovation Island (“Island of Bryan”) on HGTV USA, Bryan Inc. was licensed and reformed as Renovation, Inc., starting broadcast on the U.S.