Study group is a small group of students who connect together on routine basis to talk about topics of mutual interest and educate each other with the method of discussion. Various researches highlight the benefits of studying in group. Lets have a detailed look on advanatges and disadvantages of studying in group

Benefits of study group

1.Consistency:  Consistent efforts are required in every feild to gain success no matter if you are understanding how to create an online course or the topic your teacher taught in the classroom. Without regulat work and effort it is impossible to gain succes. When a student is required to undertake self-study, he is inclined to put it off until another time owing to laziness. A pupil who dislikes studying will not be able to study efficiently in this situation. Consistency, on the other hand, is preserved in group study. It becomes mandatory for all members of the group to take part in the group’s discussions on a regular basis. Even pupils who are reluctant to study will be forced to do so on a regular basis in this manner. The group must be so disciplined that no one can make an excuse for not studying.

2. Improved Knowledge and Understanding: While no learner can comprehend all of the concepts covered in the syllabus, every learner can comprehend some of them. This is the main reason why learning in a group is beneficial to learners. They can explain to other participants of a group the things that they are well-versed in. Furthermore, certain concepts are so tough to comprehend during self-study that they cannot be grasped on their own. They require assistance. This assistance is occasionally supplied by the group study. As a result, every student learns about every topic stated in the syllabus. Furthermore, kids remember the topics that they discuss. They will remember themes linked to their syllabi if they debate them in the study group. This eliminates the urge to cram.

3. Different Points of View: Not every kid thinks the same way. For example, different students can have different understanding of an online course builder.  When a student is practising self-study, he or she will solely concentrate in one direction. This merely offers him a limited amount of information. Furthermore, concentrating on one way ideas can lead the pupil to confuse different facts. As a result, there is misunderstanding or inaccurate knowledge. In the study group students communicate their viewpoints on the issues with one another. This improves the ability of all kids to think critically. In the brains of the students, various alternatives related with the subjects emerge.

4. Makes Learning Fun: When a student studies for a long period of time, he or she becomes fatigued. Self-study is frequently tedious. Students might also sleep at times.Learning, on the other hand, is not a tough task when done in a group; rather, it is a pleasurable experience. While analyzing the themes, students have a lot of fun, and studying becomes a lot more fascinating.

Limitations of Group Study

1.Losing Your Way: When studying in groups, people frequently lose their way and the talk shifts to another issue. It os somewhat similar to the trap we get stuck in which is curated by developers, due to the visually appealing and engaging reel videos it gets tough for an individual to bounce back and focus on work also significant amount of time is squandered in this manner. We should understand that the group members interact for a short period of time, wasting so much time is not an option for the group’s good performance.

2. Increased gossiping: When participants create a social group in addition to a study group, the only thing that occurs during a group meeting is gossip. Everyone talks about whatever comes to mind rather than the themes that have already been chosen for debate. If the participants are classmates, they may begin to criticise their teachers and peers. This renders the research group ineffective and ineffective.

3. Conflict over deciding topics: Choosing a topic that is of mutual interest to all of the pupils might be difficult. This could result in a quarrel in the workplace. Some members of the group may even leave.

4. Ineffective Decisions: If decisions about the timeframe, location, and number of participants, as well as subjects and choosing group members, are not made appropriately, the group may fail. Taking these decisions is a difficult task. Before making these judgments, many factors must be considered. Despite all of the deliberation, the decisions frequently fail because it is extremely difficult to create such choices that will satisfy all of the group members.


It’s a lot of fun to study in groups. However, it should be recognised that the group study does not become solely a social or fun group. Only the pre-determined topics should be covered throughout group meetings. The group’s management should be the responsibility of the leader. However, group study is unsuitable for someone who is shy and unable to connect with other members of the group. After that, the learner should do some self-study. He must not squander his time learning in groups because it will be ineffective.