The weekend ends with live music and fireworks on the beach. For more than 25 years, around 80,000 craft beer lovers flock toPortlandthe last weekend in July to sample the wares of more than 80 independent craft brewers from around the country. An international tent features craft beers from overseas, and live music, home brewing demos, food and memorabilia add to the fun. In Costa Rica, every year festivities called Fiestas de Palmares are held in Palmares to raise funds.

The pubco Wetherpoon holds simultaneous festivals twice-yearly in all the hundreds of branch in its chain, lasting over two weeks, and using the handpump rotation method. The number of different beers that can be provided in a pub festival ranges from about 15 to about 100. Dishes with samples of over 50 craft beers and cider. The Beer and Spirits Festival is always held in Nashville, but this year it was held in a new location.

Larger British beer festivals are usually held in large indoor venues . Casks of ale from different brewers, numbering in the hundreds, are placed on stillage behind rows of trestle tables. Staff serve beer directly from the cask and take payment in the form of cash or tokens purchased at the entrance. Cooling is achieved using wet sacking or blankets for evaporative cooling or though refrigerated cooling saddles and coils.

In Braşov, Romania, a large Beer festival is held every year in October. In addition, many small festivals are organised by local CAMRA branches, pubs, clubs and charities. The CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Winter; held at various locations, currently Birmingham, is designed to showcase beer styles which may not be readily available during the summer festival. Taking place every February, it has also been celebrated in Glasgow, Burton-on-Trent, Manchester, Derby and Norwich.

In this relaxed setting, enthusiasts can mingle with the more than 75 brewers in attendance. Rare and vintage selections are among the more than 300 Belgian-style brews poured. Attendees can also enjoy live music, movie screenings and demos.

Breweries, beer, and Bronco fans amass the city limits. You get unlimited pours, so, as advised by both the venue and us, drink responsibly. Washington, D.C., aside from being our nation’s capital, is known relatively well for its food and drink scene. At Savor — part food-pairing event, part beer festival — there will be angular js buttons 70+ breweries offering tasting sizes to accompany small plates from neighboring food vendors. You’ll have an event program to guide you through the tasting notes, and the brewers by your side to answer any questions. British beer festivals focus on draught real ale, although bottled beers and ciders are often included.

There were rare and one-off beers, a commemorative glass to take home, and a portion of their proceeds benefited Ales for Autism. It all took place in beautiful Santa Rosa — where it’s always 68 degrees. For a complete list of all events, activities and things to do at this free festival, please visit the Oktoberfest Overview & Events page. There are three separate music stages at the event – each featuring German music and famous Oktoberfest Oompah bands. In Valdivia, Chile host each summer a so-called Bierfest that organized and sponsored by Kunstmann Bier, a local beer company. The KC Beerfest, located in Kansas City, Missouri, provides one of the Midwest’s newest opportunities to try the wares of hundreds of different craft brewers from all over the world.