100% vegan bakery

Many drink options (coffee, tea…) Some of my favorites cinnamon roll, donut (pumpkin, double chocolate w/ sprinkles; taste like fudge) Poptarts, & kolache. They will create your drink & option to warm up food for pick up orders. While I may have a different experience I will start off with the coffee was good, but not “Oh my gosh. Have to come here daily.” male druid names I guess the problems I had was that this place had no visible “menu” except a few pieces of paper flat on the counter after you wait in line to get to see it. If you had never been there before you would have no idea of what is available. I also understand that timing is a concern when you go to a shop after the morning rush, things can be sold out.

Valverde did acknowledge that some staff had brought up concerns with pay and that the business had difficulty meeting with the employees to discuss their concerns. Ashley Valverde also said that their employees never went unpaid, and according to their records baristas made $17-$22 an hour. I only wish I had ordered about 12 more to get me through the day. To continue, please enable JavaScript in your browser’s preferences.

Note, the place is vegan so you can’t have a dairy cuppa or latte. My partner loves the poptarts, which they said were not too sweet, and the double chocolate donut which they LOVED. Everything they make is vegan, they don’t even have dairy milk in store. Non-dairy milk is no additionally cost (except oat, that’s a bit extra). The vegan bakery’s closure marks the end of an 11-year run for its physical presence in Kansas City.

Only its Overland Park shop (7319 W. 95th Street) which was in part crowd-funded in 2017remains. The larger kitchen allows Mud Pie to offer expanded offerings like delivery and shipping. He’s obssessed with their cherry/cranberry muffins. I find that some of their savoury pastries can be a little too salty , but I still get them occasionally. Everyone who works there is friendly and polite. Clean place and I love the online ordering.