Mr. Potato Head is a rather cynical Mr. Potato Head doll, of the common design of Playskool. Andy often casts him as a villain in his games, which seems to be the reason for his cynical and irritable behavior. Even though he is sarcastic, cynical, rude , and has an acerbic point of view, he has a good heart deep down, he loves his wife Mrs. Potato Head, and is prepared to go to limitless lengths to save his friends. In the second film, when Woody was kidnapped, he showed some shock and later showed some sadness when Woody refused to go back home. Mr. Potato Head appears to be partners with Hamm as they are seen high-fiving each other whenever something exciting or victorious happens.

After the others comfort her due to her claustrophobia, Trixie quietly asks what is wrong with Jessie, to which Mr. Potato Head explains she was abandoned and put into storage for years. After they run into Bonnie’s bag, they see Bonnie and her mother walk into a hotel due to the car having a flat. Trixie eavesdrops the conversion with Mrs. Anderson on the phone, saying that the tow truck will not come until the morning, meaning they will have to stay at the hotel all night. The next day, during the move to Andy’s new house, Woody tosses RC out of the moving truck onto the street to rescue Buzz from Scud.

These versions feature the “Jason” model of the spuds with a mix of various parts, including the classic versions of the arms and shoes, film-accurate facial features and the newer designs of the parts. In the early 1940s, Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner came up with the idea of inserting small, pronged body and face parts into fruits and vegetables to create a “funny face man”. Some speculate he got the idea from his wife’s nephew Aaron Bradley, who was seen placing sticks inside of potatoes in the family garden. Lerner would often take potatoes from his mother’s garden and, using various other fruits and vegetables as facial features, he would make dolls with which his younger sisters could play. The grape-eyed, carrot-nosed, potato-headed dolls became the principal idea behind the plastic toy which would later be manufactured.

He appeared as decor in the new dismantled Pixar area of the park and during the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade as a walkaround character near the Toy Story float. Mr. Potato Head is then seen throughout the “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” sequence, sitting still as Woody frequently keeps Forky from throwing himself out. That night, while everyone else is asleep, Forky escapes out of Bonnie’s hands and jumps out the RV window.

They form an escape plan, in which Mr. Potato Head purposefully gets himself put into the box. He escapes by dismantling himself and assisting the others outside the daycare building. This forces Mr. Potato Head to instead use a cucumber from the daycare’s garden. However, after the rest of the toys are freed, Mr. Potato Head is reunited with his old body.

For example, he can still see if his detachable eyes are removed , as well as being able to move his hands and legs if they are detached. This is a great visual aid for Preschool or Kindergarten classrooms to share their basic class rule list. This will match any Pixar or Toy Story themed classroom decor but is great on it’s own. You can even have children work with Mr. Potato Head pieces and put him together as you discuss the rules. However, Rickles died in 2017 due to kidney failure, and did not record any lines for him for the film.

Despite his grumpy behavior, Mr. Potato Head can sometimes be fun-loving with a genuine sense of humor. Mr. Potato Head is a supporting character in the Disney•Pixar Toy Story franchise. He is a Brooklyn-accented toy based on the Hasbro and Playskool doll of the same name. Mr. Potato Head appeared in the Christmas special, Toy Story That Time Forgot . In Toy Story 2 , Mr. Potato Head goes with Andy’s other toys to rescue Woody, who has been stolen by Al McWhiggin . After Mr. Potato Head saves three Alien toys from falling out of a Pizza Planet truck, only for them to continually pester him, his wife Mrs. Potato Head decides to adopt them, much to her husband’s dismay.

The design that Pixar used for Mr. Potato Head is an altered version of the 1980s and 90s design. For instance, in the real world, the toy Mr. Potato Head’s eyes are attached to each other with only one hole on the plastic potato to put them in. In the Toy Story franchise, Mr. Potato Head’s eyes are separate and have one hole mha bathing suits for each eye on the plastic body to place them in . That’s why the Toy Story Collection version has connected eyes, in which the eye connection is a “half inaccuracy.” The collectors were not pleased. However, we may see more accurate versions in the near future, as Hasbro announced they may make revisions to their design.

During her orientation, she creates Forky, a spork who suddenly comes to life. That afternoon, the gang begins to panic as the Andersons prepare to leave with Buzz, Woody, and Forky still out there. Rex begins to have a panic attack, and accidentally knocks into Mr. Potato Head with his tail, causing him to lose some of his parts, and Mr. Potato Head tells Rex to watch it. He remains unimpressed with the toys’ ideas, rolling his eyes when Rex suggests they could go back in time to warn Woody about the future. While they struggle to think of a plan, Jessie quickly leaps out of the window and pops the front tire of the RV, much to the group’s relief.

In Toy Story 3, Mr. Potato Head has become distrusting of Andy, thinking he no longer cares for his toys as a result of growing up. Despite this, he tries to comfort his wife while the Aliens try to find comfort in him as well — much to Mr. Potato Head’s annoyance. Eventually, Woody declares it’s time they “close up shop” and prepare to live the rest of their days in the attic, which Mr. Potato Head and the others lament. This infuriates Mr. Potato Head and the other toys, who unanimously decided to donate themselves to Sunnyside Daycare.