It includes fire-safe lava rocks, although some people preferred to replace those after a time. One reason so many people pay top dollar for Breeo smokeless fire pits is they really are virtually smokeless. The fire is elevated, allowing plenty of oxygen to create a hot blaze. The double-wall design traps gases and smoke and reburns them, resulting in almost no smoke.

Typically, the larger the fire pit, the more people you can fit around the fire, making this an important feature to keep in mind if you plan on using your fire pit for outdoor hosting. Large smokeless fire pits tend to extend radiant heat farther than smaller models and will be able to keep wood burner on leather more people warm on cool evenings. Many of the smaller units come with carrying cases that help protect the fire pit and make it even easier to carry. Some models designed for maximum portability are built so that one part nests into another part for easier travel and more compact storage.

Creating a cozy and inviting outdoor space is easier than you think. It may not have as many bells and whistles as some fire pits, but this one can take a beating without getting damaged, making it the most durable smokeless fire pit on our list. Since this is a wood-burning fire, you’ll need to frequently tend it in order to keep the fire going, so it may not be the best choice if you want to simply light the fire and then relax.

It comes in three sizes and two colors, stainless steel and painted black. The paint is fire-safe, although it can be dinged and damaged over time. It dulls to a natural patina after a couple of months which many people prefer over the inky black. A dual-wall design turns the fire pit wall into a heat-powered convection chamber. Cool air is pulled into the chamber through the holes at the base of the outer wall and quickly heats before exiting the holes at the rim of the inner wall. That air provides the oxygen to ignite exhaust particles that would otherwise have exited as smoke, making the fire pit smokeless.

Since smokeless fire pits are used outdoors and must endure extreme heat as well as the elements, they should be made from durable materials. Most smokeless fire pits consist of either stainless steel or steel alloy. Not only is stainless steel the more aesthetically pleasing of the two materials, it naturally resists rust and corrosion and can better withstand intense heat. Alloy steel, in comparison, must be stored indoors or protected with a rainproof cover to prevent rust. Clean-up required scooping ash out, as the unit is too heavy to dump out easily—Breeo sells a shovel designed to ease this process.

The bottom ash tray makes cleanup easy once the unit is cool since all you have to do is dump out the debris. The unit is painted with a rust- and heat-resistant finish, so it’ll last through multiple bonfire seasons. The angular design gives it a distinctive look to add style to your patio if you’re using it at home.

It’s also easy to take it along on camping trips since it’s only 13 inches in diameter and extremely lightweight at 14 pounds. The bottom of this smokeless fire pit nestles into the top piece, making it more compact for traveling and storing. Examine the space you have outdoors and make sure it’s a safe distance away from your house. Ideally, these pits should be situated on a concrete slab, sand, or bricks; although smokeless fire pits reduce the number of embers and sparks over time, they are still open fires. A larger fire pit accommodates more people, but smaller fire pits are easier to store and move around.

Keep reading to find our full list of the best smokeless fire pits. Tiki sells a stainless-steel spark screen kit, the Tiki Patio Fire Pit Screen and Poker, for its fire pit. Our tester in Southern California lives in a high fire-risk area, where keeping sparks and embers contained is essential; she tested this kit along with the Solo Stove screen. The Tiki screen comes with a poker-style tool that you can use to remove the screen when it’s hot and to rearrange logs . The screen does make the stove’s opening a little smaller, but she didn’t have any problems reaching in to tend the fire.