The slightest contact with the equipment involved may result in death. The High Voltage is supplied by anunmodified Microwave Oven Transformer. Other projects using MOT’s typically rip out the high voltage secondary windings and re-wind them as low voltage, high amperage transformers, and are using in Spot Welders and even arc welders. Before deciding whether the headline of this article is clickbait, please take a moment to watch the excellent video by below the break. And then, go to your local search engine and search the phrase “fractal burning death”. There are hundreds of such videos on YouTube, TikTok and other video-sharing sites.

They’re making the designs with homemade-built devices from microwave parts, which can generate thousands of volts of electrical current. Tanya M. Rodriguez, 44, and James K. Carolfi, 52, were found dead in their rural wood slats for iron fence Marathon County home on April 6 when firefighters responded to a house fire there. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office identified the deaths as “suspicious” and investigated the scene for signs of arson and homicide.

Add the contact resistances for each wire clip, and it should be marginally not deadly. Even ElectroBoom almost got himself killed by a microwave transformer. Might be that they are master woodworkers, and saw a demo of such a thing that didn’t teach the ‘obvious’ to the master Electrician doing the demo safety procedures.

One day I was doing something with one of the display fixtures, and I accidentally touched the conductors. Now, if you’ve ever jump started a car or done much with a car battery, you probably know that you can straight up hold both terminals, without feeling anything. Technically some current is flowing, but the resistance of your skin is so high that the current is incredibly low. It was far milder than a 120V shock, but it was enough to notice and to cause discomfort.

Due to the body’s ability to conduct electricity, it acts as a conduit for the current to move through, causing the current to travel and injure muscles, deep tissues, nerves, blood vessels and organs in the process. Electrical burns are deadly, and survivors often face the possibility or reality of amputation/s. Not quite, there are lots of high voltage, low current applications that are a lot less dangerous. The problem here is high voltage and fairly high current.