There are many other attention-grabbing examples of pressure and torque in the body—a few of those are the subject of end-of-chapter problems. The heart wall consists of three layers. The middle layer, the myocardium, is responsible for the heart’s pumping action. Cardiac muscle, found only within the myocardium, contracts in response to alerts from the cardiac conduction system to make the center beat. Cardiac muscle is made from cells called cardiocytes.

Trachea is a tube that connects pharynx with lungs for carrying air to and from lungs. Trachea is lined by ciliated mucus secreting pseudostratified epithelium for trapping mud particles and microbes. A lot of metabolic activity is constantly occurring even when we aren’t doing any work, e.g., heart beat, respiration, digestion, absorption, blood circulation, etc. Name the method used by single celled organism for taking in meals, trade of gases or removal of wastes. Name the form during which vitality derived from meals is saved in humans.

Describe the traits of muscle tissue and the way these dictate muscle perform. Lie between the skin and the masseter muscle, close to the ears. They secrete saliva into the mouth via the parotid duct, which is positioned close to the second higher molar tooth (Figure 23.9). Forms the superior and lateral margins of the fauces.

Rate of metabolism is excessive.Metabolic rate is relatively slower.8. The cells live.The cells may be living or lifeless.9. It takes part in growth.It supplies safety, support, conduction,photosynthesis, storage, etc. Inside visceral organs of the physique currently, the greatest ecological crisis facing marine food webs is like gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, bronchi, urinary bladder, iris, and so on. A number of cells current within the connective tissue present safety in opposition to microbes and toxins. Various organs of the physique are lined by protective sheaths of connective tissue.

Helps in the transport of water from root to different parts. Show the diagrammatic representation of the location of intercalary meristem and lateral meristem in plant. Name the meristem which is responsible for enhance in girth of root.