It’s difficult to be a prime minister in a country that is so small and that doesn’t have the luxury of a long time to prepare. In many ways, prime ministers are the presidents of lesser nations and the top leaders of nations that are much larger. I’ve also had the pleasure of being the prime minister of France, and I’ve seen what the French can do when they put one of their top leaders on the throne.

Italy seems to be doing some pretty impressive things with their prime minister, and I think this is just the beginning. When it comes to politics, Italy is actually pretty well positioned to lead the world in a lot of ways. They are also a major player in the European Union. I think that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, but it might be a while before they are a major player in the world.

In other news, one of the biggest political parties in Italy, the League, has started a very interesting new campaign. The party is calling for a referendum on a proposal that would give all the Prime Ministers of the European Union a chance to run for office. It seems that the idea is to choose the leader of the Italian government. If the results are in, then the leader of the Italian government will be the next head of state in the European Union.

The campaign sounds quite interesting, and if the results are in, I am sure the Italian Prime Minister will be the next European heads of state, but more importantly, the people will have a choice. It is really important to the people to have a choice and a chance to vote for the head of the government that represents their interests (and not just the European Union).

The current Italian government seems to have made a series of errors, not the least of which is the fact that they are refusing to hold a referendum on the change of government. The government has been in power for over a year and has been unable to reach a solution to the problems facing Italian citizens that are the result of the European Union. In the last two weeks alone, there have been multiple demonstrations and protests across the country.

There has been so many problems with the European Union that we’ve had to look into the Italian government’s actions and come up with a new definition of the word “irresponsibility.” This is a word that is now used to describe any action that is less than the best interest of the people of the country. In Italy, it seems more often than not the government is more interested in their own interests than the rights and interests of the citizens.

The government has been arrested after they put out a propaganda video that was clearly designed to get the EU to leave the European Union. The video shows a man walking down the street, while yelling and screaming at the pedestrians, saying that he has found proof that the EU is a corrupt and incompetent bunch of individuals, and he is going to show the EU what they have done and what they have failed to do.

This video is a good example of what happens when the government decides to do something that people, including politicians, don’t want to do. And of course, it’s also a perfect example of what happens when your government is run by a bunch of idiots and incompetents.

And that is why you dont want to mess with the Italian government, because they are a bunch of total idiots and incompetents. And who knows. Maybe this idiot will have a change of heart. After all, it was the Italian government that killed his family.

Also, if you’re a politician you don’t get to get the president, who is going to be president, and who is going to be the head of the government, then you get to the head of the government, and you get to the head of the government, and you get to the head of the government and you get to the head of the government, and you are a fucking idiot. And you got to be a fucking idiot.