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Sometimes we hate, other times we laud, but we can’t deny their influence. Robert Smizik is a former sportswriter and columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Smizik was bought out of his contract by the Post-Gazette in mid-December 2008, then retiring from his duties as a full-time columnist for the paper.

The newspaper industry has not found a way to reverse this and I’m not sure it can. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Baseball-Reference Bullpen 85,000+ pages of baseball information, How to Contribute, … MLB Standings AL Standings, NL Standings, Standings for any date in history, …

The Pirates were in the midst of an excellent season and Martin was in the midst of a career year. At his best, Jones put up numbers Moran hasn’t touched yet, but these comparisons are based on 2010 and 2021 only. In 2010, Jones was mediocre, equalling Doumit’s 100 OPS+. Moran’s OPS+ through just 33 games in etst blog 2021 is 126. By the end of the year, it might be clear one way or another which one of these two was better in their respective year. For now, however, because of the similarities between the two players, and because Moran spent three weeks on the IL, thus further limiting his sample, it’s too close to call.

Why can’t Hossa be accepted as a player who make a significant contribution to the Penguins and moved on? Barry Bonds said he wanted to stay in Pittsburgh. Was Hossa somewhat deceitful in negotiations?