Parents should participate in these apps with students to keep them safe. This zone can be a great place for family time since many of these apps can be entertaining, and let your students express themselves. Read more below to find out why this app is in the Gray Zone.

In this present time where people are very advanced and always find a way to take advantage of other people, it would be best if you always think of a way, as well, to always keep a step ahead. I encourage students to write those feelings down somewhere else, not online. Finally, students shouldn’t retweet or repost the posts of others that might be inflammatory. Once someone posts something that someone else has said, that student “owns” that post as if they’d been the original poster themselves.

Students should make sure any articles or information they share or repost comes from a credible source. If you ask a student who their favorite celebrities are, you might be surprised by what you hear. You may find athletes and movie stars on their list, but other names might pop up that you’ve never heard of.

Cleaning your online footprint can be very useful most especially when you are trying to apply for a job. Having well-maintained social media accounts leaves a good impression on employers which will enable you to obtain a higher chance of getting hired. If you are looking for ideas for content that would be appropriate for you to share, think about your future. Follow the accounts of people in that profession for motivation, inspiration, and education. Take a look at what they post and who they follow as well for additional ideas on how to position yourself on social media. No social media cleanse is complete without a close examination of your followers and friends list.

You should also fill out your “experience” section and make it as detailed as possible. Finally, consider your endorsements and testimonials – this boosts your credibility. Twitter has yet to roll out a bulk delete tool of its own, but you can remove your tweets one by one through the official interface.

If they’re no longer relevant to your personal brand and you haven’t kept up with them, there’s no point in risking an employer finding them and judging you based on them. If you really can’t stomach deleting them, at the very least ensure that they’re not linked to your professional name. But wiping the slate clean and starting again is only one of your options—you can still tidy up your existing accounts without deleting them.

In addition to BrandYourself’s CleanImage and SocialScan technologies used above, this software also shows you how to build your web properties. This is to ensure that you are truly putting your best foot forward whenever someone screens you online. The “Properties” section of your account shows a list of recommended properties that you need to have in order to create a robust and impressive personal brand. Think LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, a personal website and more. However, just creating them isn’t enough, that’s why we spent thousands of hours designing software that walks you through the process step by step. Those social media accounts you’ve abandoned could pose a problem. helps 1MM parents, educators, and students each year to be safe on social media so they can someday Shine Online. With over 240 episodes, Josh Ochs interviews psychologists, therapists, counselors, teachers, and parents while showing you how to navigate social media to someday shine online. One of my favorite features of Facebook is the “Memories” tab. This page is available on the left side menu under “Explore” or via the lower right menu in the app. Conveniently, your notifications and feed will give you a reminder that “you have memories,” so you don’t have to remember to visit that page every day. What kind of thoughts, words, and content should be removed?

I’ve shared countless boomerangs of my friends popping bottles of prosecco on Instagram… and who knows what else. Change your settings relating to who can post on your timeline or tag you in posts or images. Cleaning up your online profile can take a while, but it can be worth it for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a student, a professional trying sam’s fire pit to advance your career, or you’re in the process of applying for a job, you can be sure the decision makers will do their due diligence. Clean up your Twitter feed by unfollowing questionable accounts and deleting inappropriate tweets. “If a stranger googled your name, who would the search results say you are? That’s the story you should focus on.”