The best math tutors are those who properly fit the student’s needs and provide excellent customer service. Because there is no face-to-face interaction, the tutor has to make students feel at ease so that learners do not feel lost.

The family’s priorities and the student’s learning style will determine which math tutor is best for them.

What is the Surface Area of a Cube?

The surface area of cube will be equal to the sum of the area of the cube’s bases and lateral surfaces. Due to the fact that all the faces of the cube are made up of squares of the same dimensions, the cube has an overall surface area equal to the surface area of one face multiplied by six. The “number of square units” is the unit of measurement (square centimeters, square inches, square feet, etc.). A cube’s surface area might be one of two types:

  • Lateral surface area
  • Total surface area


  • Total Surface Area of a Cube = (6 × side2) square units
  • Lateral Surface Area of a Cube = (4 × side2) square units

Why do students prefer Online Math Tutors? 

Online math tutors offer the greatest services to help students improve their math skills. Students who enhance their grades with the help of online math tutors make up a big share of online math students. 

Students also do not have to waste time looking for offline teachers; instead, they prefer online math tutors to save time and focus on maths.

Students with special needs can complement their learning with online math tutoring to ensure they understand the concepts and stay on track with the curriculum.

What is the Cost of Online Math Tutors? 

The price of math online tutors varies according to the services provided. There are a few options that are free, but the vast majority of services need money. In general, group sessions are less expensive than private instruction. Online tutoring often starts at around $1 per minute. Many online math tutoring companies also provide free trials so that you can try them out before committing.

Which online learning app has the best Math Tutors?

1. Cuemath:

Cuemath features some of the greatest online math tutors; they focus on a child’s essential skills. Students spend 45 minutes studying with qualified and certified tutors in Cuemath math lessons, 10 minutes improving their calculation speed, and five minutes solving math puzzles and honing their logical ability in interactive live online sessions.

Every child has a fear of maths, but cuemath tutors make math simple and enjoyable for all students. They make numbers simple for kids to comprehend. Each cuemath teacher excels at teaching their subject, and by doing so, they develop your child’s brain. In addition to the curriculum, they teach extra to help your child excel in their exams.

Cuemath also offers the Cuemath Olympiad Prep Pack, which includes Math Olympiad topic-specific worksheets, weekly doubt clearing sessions, Mock Tests, and other resources to assist students to prepare for the Olympiad.

2. Prodigy:

Prodigy has the best online tutors who cater to these children by providing one-on-one sessions for various levels of math, and the company’s goal is to assist students to realise their “maximum potential,” go “above their grade level,” and gain more confidence in their math abilities. Zoom conferencing is used for the online interactive class. Each 30-minute lecture includes session notes and suggestions for future steps. After each visit, tutors will provide parents with remarks on their child’s progress as well as the next stages. After joining Prodigy Math Tutoring, students who do better when given undivided attention will reap the rewards.

Cuemath provides excellent value for money without sacrificing the quality of the training. Cuemath online tutors are the ideal way to let kids with special needs feel at ease and obtain the help they require.