Happy places season 2 is a weekly podcast with Dr. David D. Burns. Every Tuesday at 6pm ET, Dr. Burns gives a talk about different ways to think about happiness in a wide variety of life settings. In this episode, he talks about why we are happy in certain places, and how we can cultivate more of them.

I love the idea of happy places. I think happiness is something that happens when we’re in a specific place, and that we can be happy in a different place. I have friends who live in New York, so I know I can never be happy in the big city, but I also have friends who live in New Jersey. I also have friends who live in LA and Chicago, and all of their friends are happy there, too.

I think some of the key factors for happiness are self-awareness, choice, and purpose. The first is, how much of the world we are aware of. If we only go online, and stay online, we are more likely to get addicted to the online world and forget the real world. The “happy places” movement is a great example of this; it’s about cultivating a little self-awareness.

The second key factor is choice. I think happiness comes from both awareness and choice. I get to have a real life, and I’m allowed to choose what I do with it. I don’t have to sit around and wait for some stranger to turn up in my neighborhood and offer me a job or a free ride.

Happiness also comes from the right choices. We often forget to choose the right things to do, and when we do, we tend to spend more time doing them. But choosing the wrong things also leads to boredom, and boredom makes the problems we face in our real life much harder to solve. We need to learn to choose wisely, and find a way to find happiness in the real world without becoming addicted to it.

In a way, it’s hard to say where happiness and its opposite, unhappiness, are on any scale. One day we may be doing a job that we love, and we may have gotten to the place where we feel good about ourselves. The next day, we’re doing something that makes us unhappy, and we may have gotten to the place of feeling good about ourselves. So in a way, the definition of happiness is really hard to pin down.

I think happiness, for most of us, is about the feeling that we’ve accomplished something. When we accomplish something, we feel good. When we don’t, or when we accomplish something but we feel bad about it, we’re unhappy. So happiness and unhappiness are not the same thing.

This season of happy places is about finding a place that felt good to us, and then changing it. It should have felt good to us, but we went about it in a way that made it feel bad. So the definition of happiness is really hard to pin down.

There’s a lot of research on happiness, and it shows that we all go through ups and downs in life. We all have ups and downs, and it doesn’t matter how much we love something, we will still feel like it was our worst. Most of us go through ups and downs in our career. We get a promotion, or lose it, or even get fired. The idea is to understand that we, as humans, can’t really control how things will play out for us.

We also have ups and downs in our life that we could never control. We all have ups and downs, and those ups and downs are what make us happy. We all have ups and downs, but they are the ups we are all responsible for.