It has also been linked to mimicking the estrogen hormone so pregnant women may want to check with their medical professional first. Before slinging back your lavender tea, take a deep breath and let the bright and springlike aroma open all your airways. For those who struggle with breathing problems, lavender can lend a little helping handin making life more comfortable. There are lots of awesome teas out there that are consideredimmune and energy-boosting teasand lavender is one of them.

It was reportedly Queen Elizabeth I, however, who first tried it for migraines . Historically, the ancient Egyptians were the first to use it as an incense. Yet when it comes to the benefits of Lavender Tea, in particular, we have the Greek naturalist, Dioscorides (c. 40–90 CE), to thank.

Depending on how severe the problem is, these symptoms can last anywhere between a few days, a week, to as long as several months at a time. Luckily, having some mint tea can help lessen these symptoms. Lavender affects human EEG pattern accompanied with its anxiolytic effect. Lavender oil is generally not poisonous in adults when breathed in during aromatherapy or swallowed in smaller amounts. It may cause a reaction in children who swallow small amounts.

Several household and commercial products contain this flower, including soaps, shampoos, potpourri, cloth sachets, essential oils and, of course, Herbal Tea. Very Healthy, good to help you relax and sleep well at night. I get the milk really hot to the scalding point, put in my lavender tea bag 1/4 tesp.nutmeg and 1/4 tesp. You can add other flavors that work well with lavender tea. Sweet peppermint is a popular choice and with Tea Drops Sweet Peppermint it’s as easy as can be. Simply drop your tea drop into the cup and let it melt away.

The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender help soothe irritated stomach muscles, eliminating stomach pain. These same antispasmodic effects can help relieve indigestion, gas, and bloating. When you drink lavender tea, antioxidants work to eliminate toxins that can cause harmful side effects. These antioxidants work to eliminate free radicals that are caused by pollution, excessive drinking, and smoking.

The flower should step in the hot water until it cools and then drink the tea. The aroma helps to relax the sleepless person, and help to induce sleep. Because of its sedative properties, it will be beneficial for everyone with sleeping disorders. Lavender tea offers a delicate flavor and aromatic fragrance that boasts extensive health benefits. Unearth the beauty of this floral plant and find out how drinking a cup of lavender can boost your health.

Studies show that lavender can help you fall asleep and get high quality rest throughout the night. We even created a custom tea blend, Lavender Lullaby, to help you catch those zzz’s. Lavender tea can refer to any tea that has lavender in it. Lavender is a popular ingredient in herbal tea blends, but can also be added to caffeinated tea for a soothing floral note. There are 47 different species of lavender, most of which are native to Europe and Asia but which are now grown all over the world.

Furthermore, some scientists have theorised that it boosts the metabolism of fat cells. This could mean that it enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently, thus increasing your chances of weight loss when you exercise. Others might recall times wandering through gardens filled with its alluring, mesmerising aroma.

This is for the first time i am trying lavender tea and i m glad i bought it. It can be great substitute to Chamomile tea which also has similar benefits. As lavender beach theme coffee mugs tea relaxes the body, it can also help you sleep. What’s more, research has found that smelling and consuming lavender can improve the quality of sleep.

So when they see in a store a box of lavender tea, they’re going to instinctively assume that that has caffeine just like a normal tea would. So this type of educating people on the differences between herbal teas and true tea is incredibly important. In order for people to make a more educated decision on what they’re buying and what they’re ultimately drinking.