For this kind of assistance, you should contact a reputable dealer, preferably one who’s certified by the American Numismatic Association and/or the Professional Numismatists Guild. To be eligible to run for the board of governors, an individual must have been a member of the ANA for at least three years. A candidate must serve at least one 2-year term as governor to be eligible to run for president or vice president of the board. Total service on the ANA board of governors is limited to 10 years. Now that he has sold his business, Numismatic Services, people are asking Gary what he is doing now that he is retired. He reminds them that he is still very much involved in the coin business.

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He then offered $28 for each set, yielding $2,800 for a purchase that cost them $210! This $2,800 became their seed money for buying coins. He would take in a roll of Kennedy half-dollars and the man would gold plate them.

He purchased the coin shop in 1979, the year before the gold and silver boom. They had a very successful year in 1980, buying and selling silver and gold. They were in the Secretary of State building, so a number of people knew their location from many years back. Subsequently, he sold his half of the business to Dick Jackson, who still owns the shop. In 1983, he moved to Minnesota to work with a larger enterprise, which provided coins for telemarketing and direct mail sale companies.

We will notify you immediately with accurate details and if possible attach a photograph of the item for your approval. We will look forward to seeing you at all major conventions as we will have a full service booth available and a wide selection of quality coins for your approval. Our current inventory consists of many choice and desirable coins and currency ranging in price from $200 to well over $100,000. Your complete satisfaction is important to us and we work toward building long term relationships, whether buying or selling. We will look forward to seeing you at major conventions as we will have a full service booth available and a selection of quality coins for your approval.

It feels immense joy when you feel that coin in your palm-the every coin that has been touched by millions of people in different eras. Sold some coins I recently inherited a coin collection and needed to sell it. I searched the web and called several different dealers. When I called this company they were patient and offered some advise instead of just telling me to bring it in. When I did bring it in they spent quite a bit of time going through the coins and giving me a value.

There are many areas of Numismatics that have great potential for growth. If you are considering the sale or acquisition of any material, we urge you to call us first to discuss the options. We are always pleased to offer our recommendations about upgrading your coins for maximum value, or the pros and cons of consigning to auction.

We continue to provide a level of service which is unsurpassed. There is an old saying in the coin business, “QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICE, -PICK ANY TWO”. Well, we say you should not have to compromise, so we are striving for 100% satisfaction in all three categories. Please give us the opportunity to gain your trust and satisfaction.

While Gary enjoys living in Minnesota, he misses his Michigan roots. He has been attending the Michigan State Convention since 1970. There are people, yet, who collect coins as an investment purpose. These people will buy old coins at a particular sum and then sell them over to other coin collectors with a good margin of profit.

I then took it to a second place and they spent no time and the value they gave me was considerably less. I took it back to Gary Adkins and was very happy with the results. Collecting coins have been ranked as one of the most popular hobbies. The hobby was started by the Romans right at the time the coins were first introduced. The hobby of gathering ancient coins might be rewarded in the future.