I can’t utilize this part of the product to its potential because of the internet connection, but I think I can make some general statements based off of my own use. It adds so many more layers of clouds, precipitation, wind, and just about every environmental factor. This is applicable to every situation whether you’re using Vatsim or real world weather. It just handles weather situations better than FSX and it makes for a much more realistic experience. Additionally, when you use the default FSX weather, it’s incredible how silly the clouds look.

For anyone wanting to use their real aviation set on your computer, this adapter works well. The real roads is a killer, this data is actually pulled from a commercial data set and makes all the roads in FSX much more closer to what you would see in real life. Now it’s time to download and install the Hotfix for OverDrive. It needs to be noted, though, that Cirrus clouds only have resolutions of 512 and 1024. This is primarily because you are, for the most part, very far away from these clouds.

You can select any combination of the extensive array of seventy-nine cloud themes with a total of 1,232 cloud types. Please note that you will need toregisterto use many of the site’s best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. This high definition texture utility was created mostly from high resolution film as opposed to digital photography. Source material was laser drum-scanned and then the artwork and textures were maintained in high definition format to allow the detail and clarity to become evident within FSX. This awesome add-on, completely re-does the weather and environment effects in FSX.

The rest of the options on this page are purely for your own preference. I fly with all of them checked, even though I don’t have access to internet on my machine, but nonetheless, it does no harm to have Vatsim weather enabled. The sliders on the far right of the window control the Low Level Visibility and Wx Engine update range. These control exactly what they say, and I recommend leaving the sliders as they are until you’re familiar with the product and know what you want. When finished with all of these steps, click ‘Save’. Lastly, you need to create a backup of your original FSX textures, just in case.

You don’t realize, but for the most part FSX weather is just a cloud here and there with little else, depending on the installed weather. REX adds so much more, purple panty dropper weed it’s really quite incredible. The multiple layers of weather, and how they are handled over time, is quite integral to the success of the weather engine.

To do this, simply click ‘Create’ under ‘Step 3 – Backup file’. You can restore default textures at any time with this. A look at the interface, textures, and what-have-you with the critical edge the first half lacked, as I wanted to keep it as short as possible. So, if you’re considering the product, read the second half. If you’ve recently purchased the product, read the first half. If you’ve already had it for awhile, then chances are you’re wasting your time reading this, but I’m flattered all the same.