Since we’re all artists, every pattern will come out a bit differently for each person – and I love to see all that variety. I inspire you to make crafts and decorate your home. Follow ar-15 wooden furniture along on my DIY adventures, reconnect with your creativity, and read more about me here. You can use a weeding tool to help remove any little bits of vinyl stuck to the wood.

Ornament making is an activity that has not yet lost its charm and appeal. It allows you to be creative and bring into your home some of the beautiful natural materials in nature. In order for it to get a personal touch, you can even etch your own design onto the wood.

When you’re all set up, click the flashing “Start” button. Unless you’re using Smart Vinyl on a Cricut Maker 3 or Explore 3, select “On Mat” and click “Done”. Once you’re ready to cut, select your machine on the top menu bar and then click “Make It.” The turntables so finished are still as usable, but now have your wonderful imprints on them. Looking for fun ways to prepare your kids for getting back to school?

Perfect for indoor or outdoor play – whichever your child prefers. Has the aesthetic value of your home decreased over the years? Well, if that is your case, then it’s definitely time for a DIY Walnut Hollow clock. This decorative piece can also serve as a compass and having one will also make you feel at ease every time you look at it.

If you search for it on the internet, you will be able to find it. Print the pattern on a piece of paper and glue it to the box you bought. The size of the pattern should match the dimensions of the box. If you don’t have time for this step, take your board to the local art store and ask them to print it there.

Just as it is more than “just another snowflake”, every ornament you etch this Christmas will be one of a kind. The pattern of snowflakes and starburst patterns shown here yields 7 different ornaments with 3 different views. If you need help centering your stencil you can measure and mark the center point of your wood with a pencil. Then fold your vinyl into a taco “U” shape and line up the bottom of the “U” over your center mark. Gently press the vinyl down starting in the center and working outward.

Plus Todd tells me that I am a horrible judge of difficulty levels, so try it. It doesn’t turn out perfect, but you will have gained more experience and hopefully had fun during it all. The first group are just a few of the patterns I have for sale on Etsy, but after that a large number of free patterns can be found. Depending on the project, I’ve also including a link to the corresponding tutorial or blog. These rustic wood signs are a great way to make a unique gallery wall.

Would like to purchase a book of patterns suitable for beginners. I suggest any of the woodburning books by Lora S. Irish. Keeping the iron perfectly perpendicular to the wood is a skill that takes some practice, so don’t expect to be an expert at first. Christmas tree made of decorative wooden slice with ornament.

Wood burned mandalas are some of the most spectacular and complicated designs to create with pyrography. We have carefully selected mandalas from our catalog. Each project is different, but all are intricate and beautiful. Hand letters and lettered signs are in vogue at the moment and people love creating them using wood-burning tools. This unique project allows you to create your own hand-drawn calligraphy, so you can give a personal touch to your everyday surroundings. You need to have some experience in basic wood burning, but it is not difficult with flow-point tips.